How To Get Google Maps Back On Your iPhone

Sep 27, 2012 (10:09 AM EDT)

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You probably are--if you've installed iOS 6 or bought an iPhone 5 and you're stuck with the awful Apple Maps. Stories of misleading or absent information in Apple Maps, particularly involving gas stations and post offices, already are legion and the source of many jokes.

But don't worry. There's a simple workaround: Just put a browser link to Google Maps on your home page. You might not want to limit yourself to Google Maps, either. There are many mapping apps that work on iOS, from MotionX to Mapquest to TomTom, iGo primo, Garmin, and many others.

Hat tip to Betanews.

Here's Apple Maps showing the intersection of Market Street and Springfield Avenue in Newark, N.J. Just as an example of what everyone who lives there already knows, the building on the middle left is mislabeled as a U.S. Post Office. It is, in fact, the "old court house"--a very cool building with a great and famous bronze statue of Lincoln out front.

This is the sort of misinformation in Apple Maps that might compel you to use a more tried-and-true map service such as Google Maps.

Launch Safari and go to The message above will invite you to place an icon for the site on the Home screen. Tap the arrow.

Tap the Add to Home Screen icon to put Google Maps on your Home screen.

Next you get to name the icon. The default works well, don't you think? Tap the Add button.

Congrats! You can now launch the Google Maps site directly from your Home screen.

And, in case you were wondering, Google Maps correctly labels the old courthouse as home of the Essex County Bar Association.