A Decent Market Rally Hits A Wall

Jun 28, 2004 (01:06 PM EDT)

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An across-the-board rally attributed to optimism about Iraqi sovereignty petered out Monday after economic (and maybe political) realities intruded. Traders eventually realized that the Fed is still going to raise interest rates and the economy still has weak spots (such as auto sales for GM).

At the close, techs were down the most. Our InformationWeek 100 index fell 0.5%, or 1.47 points, to rest at 320.11, and the Nasdaq fell 0.3%, or 5.65 points, to 2,019.82. The Dow fell 0.1%, or 14.75 points, to 10,357.09. Holding up best was the S&P 500, which fell 0.08%, or 0.91 of a point, to 1,133.52.

The Nasdaq-100 tracking stock fell 0.8%, or 31 cents, to $37.02, on middling volume of 94 million shares.

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