Oracle Acquiring Haley To Bolster Government Contracts

Oct 29, 2008 (02:10 PM EDT)

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Oracle has announced it is acquiring RuleBurst Holdings Limited, the parent of Haley Limited, a provider of policy modeling and policy automation software for social services agencies. No amount was disclosed in the purchase. The transaction is expected to close in the first quarter of 2009.

The Haley policy automation platform is meant to let government agencies administer benefits according to the rules and guidelines set down by legislation. The system translates the policies and terms of legislation into rules for social service case management applications. It's used in highly regulated industries as well as social services.

Oracle will combine the Haley policy platform with Oracle's existing ERP and Siebel CRM applications to create the first packaged software for social services agencies, with an automated ability to determine eligibility of applicants, an Oracle spokesman said in making the announcement.

Haley CEO Dominic O'Hanlon will lead the business unit, once the firm is acquired, as an Oracle senior VP and general manager.

"For more than 20 years, Haley has helped some of the world's largest government, financial services and insurance institutions to rapidly implement policy rules and determinations and reduce costs," said Oracle President Charles Phillips in a statement announcing the acquisition. Haley has obtained a patent on a process for deriving rules from complex legislation and business policies, he added.

"By acquiring Haley, Oracle is accelerating its investment in the public sector to create an integrated solution," said Oracle Senior VP of CRM Anthony Lye.

O'Hanlon said he was excited to join Oracle as a global business unit. The use of Haley for the automation of social services will speed claims payments and reduce errors and appeals, stated an Oracle FAQ on the acquisition posted on its Web site.