Business Objects Unveils Search, Text Analysis Software For Unstructured Data

Sep 25, 2007 (05:09 PM EDT)

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Business Objects on Tuesday introduced search and text analysis software to help customers mine unstructured text, such as emails, documents, notes and Web content stored in data warehouses.

The business intelligence vendor built the new products on technology from Inxight Software, which BO acquired in July. The new capabilities gives BO customers a unified set of tools for accessing structured and unstructured data from the company's business intelligence platform.

Intelligent Search can mine external and internal resources, such as the Web, subscription services, company content, search engines, and BI systems, and filter results by people, places, events and concepts. Text Analysis provides an automated way to extract, categorize, and summarize large amounts of text information. The analysis capabilities are designed to complement and integrate with Business Objects Enterprise, the company's BI platform, and Data Integrator, an extract, transform and load tool for moving data from outside sources into a data warehouse.

The new software enables BO customers to access and analyze unstructured text from BO's reporting tools and dashboards. "Today we deliver a compelling solution to enable our customers to easily discover, manage, and analyze unstructured content inside and outside of their organization," Ian Hersey, VP of technology development and strategy at Business Objects, said in a statement.

Unstructured data makes up the majority of information stored within an organization. The combination of business intelligence and search reflected in BO's latest product announcements is a hot topic this year with many BI vendors announcing plans to incorporate search capabilities into their products. The technologies, however, are at the early stages of coming together, and lots of work will need to be done before vendors are able to offer customer- and revenue-relevant applications.

Intelligent Search and Text Analysis are available now. Pricing was not disclosed.