IPhone Net Searches Surge Before Launch

Jun 27, 2007 (01:06 PM EDT)

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Searches for iPhone skyrocketed nearly 600% ahead of the launch date, according to a new report.

Hitwise, an online intelligence company, tracked iPhone-related search trends and announced this week that searches for iPhone rose 583% during a four-week window that ended June 23.

Apple's iPhone Web site grew its market share of U.S. visits to electronics sites by 185% in the same time frame and became the top-ranked site in its category in the three weeks that ended June 9, Hitwise reported.

The most popular queries for iPhone focused on price, reviews, news, and the release date, with price queries accounting for 4.23% of all U.S. iPhone searches, according to a statement from Hitwise.

Apple's iPhone Web site grabbed 54.44% of all U.S. traffic generated by "iPhone" searches, followed by AT&T Wireless, which drew 6.52% of the search traffic for the four weeks ending June 23, according to the statement. Wikipedia drew 2.95%, while Engadget drew 2.80% and MySpace drew 2.48%, Hitwise reported.

iPhone was the 131st most frequently searched term to send traffic to all U.S. Web sites in the four weeks ending June 23, according to Hitwise. The largest percentage of people to visit the Apple iPhone Web site were between the ages of 18 and 24, Hitwise reported. They accounted for 32.22% of the traffic in the four weeks that ended June 26, according to Hitwise. Nearly 55% of users earn between $30,000 and $99,000 and 51% were male during that same time period, Hitwise said.