Department of Homeland Security Awards Funds For Security Technology

Mar 27, 2007 (01:03 PM EDT)

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The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is giving $34.6 million worth of equipment and training to emergency responders.

DHS announced Tuesday that it had awarded more than 2,000 direct assistance grants as part of the fiscal year 2006 Commercial Equipment Direct Assistance Program. The program provides homeland security help for small communities and metropolitan areas that aren't eligible for funds under the Urban Areas Security Initiative.

DHS offers personal protective gear, chemical and biological detection tools, information technology and risk management equipment and software, interoperable communications equipment, and vision technologies such as thermal imaging, night vision, and surveillance tools.

DHS has awarded more than $69.7 million in equipment and training for firefighters and law enforcement groups since 2005. The funds are meant to help prevent and respond to terrorist attacks, as well as assist with rescue and recovery after natural disasters.