Defense Tech Agency Picks Vendors For $12.2 Billion Systems Upgrade

Jan 31, 2007 (11:01 AM EST)

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The Defense Information Systems Agency has awarded a handful of technology vendors the right to compete for pieces of the $12.2 billion that it will spend over the next ten years building a Web-based computing infrastructure for the Defense Department and related agencies.

DISA said Tuesday that Electronic Data Systems, Lockheed Martin, CACI Inc., Booz Allen Hamilton, Science Applications International and SRA International will share in the Encore II program—which envisions a common, Web-based environment through which various defense agencies will be able to access collaboration, messaging, help desk and other online tools.

Under so-called multiple delivery, indefinite quantity contracts, each of the participating vendors will bid on individual project pieces as specifications are released by DISA. The goal of the project is to convert legacy computer systems used by the DOD to state of the art Web-based systems that afford greater levels of communication and collaboration.

"Encore II will support a broad array of services that will allow implementation of both the Net-Centric Enterprise Services enterprise capabilities and Community of Interest capabilities across the enterprise," according to the program's original request for proposals, which was issued in December of 2005.