Readers: The Sun-Microsoft Alliance Is Anti-Linux

Apr 27, 2004 (02:04 PM EDT)

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Almost three quarters of respondents to our Voting Booth reader poll said the recent alliance between Sun and Microsoft is directed against Linux.

We asked: "Is the Sun-Microsoft alliance anti-Linux?"


- Yes.
74% - 179 votes out of 243

- No.
26% - 64 votes.

Here are some comments from readers, edited for readability. Comments are posted anonymously:

"The Linux community is paranoid."

"It's more anti-IBM. Linux is a marginal factor."

"Of course not. Sun gets money it needs and responds to customer demands to stop dissing Microsoft and get more interoperable with them, and Microsoft gets relief from litigation. The idea that this is anti-Linux is ludicrous."

"While Microsoft is certainly anti-linux, I don't see how Sun can afford to be. After all, they've staked quite a bit on their Java Desktop, a direct competitor to Microsoft. Still, Sun is liable to be only as pro-Linux as it has to be."

"Yep, Sun, with this alliance, a management change, a reorganization, and executives leaving to 'pursue other interests' just officially sold out. We will have five to seven years of Sun being used to further Microsoft's perceived interests in legal matters, used as leverage against hardware vendors to force Microsoft digital rights management, and to kill competitive software development through confusion and a larger combined patent portfolio. All the while anything of value will be eaten from the inside out until the shell finally collapses under it's own weight. The game will be played for a while yet, but SUNW is nothing to stake your retirement on."