Help For Storage Networking Troubles

Apr 23, 2004 (01:04 PM EDT)

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Users love the benefits of storage networking, even when they have no idea what's going on in the data center. But when their apps crash or data takes too many minutes to arrive, they'll be calling for business technology heads to roll.

Too many network administrators, morphed into storage networking administrators for the new millennium, implement all the components and software needed for a demanding, growing business, but they usually can't see if they were successful. Software vendor AppIQ Inc. hopes to alleviate that issue on Monday when it unveils its Storage Authority Provisioning business module for storage networking administrators.

The module is designed to error-proof and streamline efforts to allocate additional capacity to a storage network. Intelligent path provisioning at the heart of the module lets administrators, through a single interface, witness the failed or successful implementations of capacity volumes, segments, and networking zones. The Storage Authority Provisioning module is available next week.

One says AppIQ's product is a step in the right direction, but that storage networking management capabilities are still very immature when compared with Ethernet network management capabilities. "Reporting and monitoring still leave much to be desired," says John Webster, founder and an analyst at the Data Mobility Group research firm. "The industry is making progress in that direction, but could still make more."