Microsoft Builds TV Website To Support AIDS Documentary

May 30, 2006 (04:05 PM EDT)

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Microsoft Corp. has built the broadband television Web site that will complement the AIDS documentary airing this week on the PBS TV series Frontline.

The two-part film entitled "The Age of AIDS" premieres Tuesday and Wednesday nights and traces the history of the pandemic since the first diagnosed case 25 years ago. The Microsoft-built site, done in partnership with Frontline, will launch June 2 and make the AIDS documentary available anytime.

In addition, the site will feature interactive content tightly integrated with the video footage. As people watch the documentary, links appearing beside the video will offer viewers more information on topics directly related to that portion of the program. Clicking on a link automatically pauses the video, giving viewers the opportunity to explore related resources at their leisure.

Curtis Wong, manager of the Next Media Research group in Microsoft Research, worked with WGBH Interactive and Frontline producers to design the Web site. "What's unique about this approach is that it seamlessly combines a compelling television program with rich Web resources to significantly enhance people's understanding of a complex topic like AIDS," Wong said in a statement.