Google Makes National Archives Films Available Online

Feb 24, 2006 (12:02 PM EST)

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Google Inc. on Friday launched a pilot program to make holdings of the National Archives available online via the search engine's video service.

The non-exclusive agreement will enable researchers and the general public to access historic movies, documentaries, and other films available though Google Video and the National Archives's Web site. The deal was announced jointly by U.S. Archivist Allen Weinstein and Sergey Brin, Google co-founder and president of technology.

"This is an important step for the National Archives to achieve its goal of becoming an archives without walls," Weinstein said in a statement.

The pilot program features 103 films, including an 1894 recording of famous Spanish Gypsy dancer Carmencita and a sampling of documentaries produced by NASA on the history of the spaceflight program.

Google and the National Archives are also looking at expanding the online film collection, and at making the Archives' textual holdings available over the Internet.