Mobile-Phone Sales Soar In Second Quarter

Aug 25, 2005 (02:08 PM EDT)

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Worldwide mobile-phone sales reached 190.5 million units in the second quarter, with Nokia and Motorola accounting for nearly half of the market, a research firm said Thursday.

Sales soared by 21.6 percent, with all regions, except Japan, recording growth, Gartner Inc. said. It was the second strongest quarter on record, surpassed only by the 195.3 million units sold in the fourth quarter last year.

Sales in Western Europe and North America were driven primarily by phone replacements for older models, the researcher said. In emerging markets, falling average prices for phones boosted sales.

Nokia and Motorola strengthened their positions in the marketplace, accounting for 49.8 percent of sales. Nokia increased its global market share by 2.3 percent to 31.9 percent. Motorola, on the other hand, was the second best-selling vendor in Western Europe, where it finished No. 5 a year ago. The company finished the quarter with 17.9 percent of the market.

Samsung came in third with a 12.8 percent market share, followed by LG, 6.5 percent; and Sony Ericsson, 6.2 percent.