Kids Want Their MTV (The 'M' Is For 'Mobile')

May 27, 2005 (06:05 AM EDT)

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Examining the always elusive and often fickle youth and young adult market in America, the Management Network Group (TMNG) has found that listening to mobile music tops the list of survey respondents' desires.

Also high on the list of sought-after mobile features are TV and video, while multiplayer 3D gaming ranks third. "Most interested in multimedia wireless services are male consumers between 13 and 24 years of age," TMNG said.

One implication of the survey consisting of 1,000 interviews, is that the cable industry needs wireless service offerings to take advantage of the mobile features sought by today's youth. Telephony companies generally are well positioned in the market with cell phone offerings, but many cable companies lack mobile wireless offerings for the bundles of different services they are increasingly offering.

The survey, which was released Thursday, also found that two of every five respondents said they would be receptive to commercially delivered video clips. TMNG interpreted that result to mean that video segments of the cell phone market could be fertile ground for advertisers.

TMNG suggested that service providers should deliver the multimedia services in so much demand by the youth segment or face the consequences of losing much of the market.

"Nearly one in four would either be extremely likely or very likely to switch to a competitive carrier if their existing carrier did not offer advanced, multimedia wireless content and services," the report said.