Simple Backup And Recovery From StorServer

Sep 23, 2003 (02:09 PM EDT)

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When crisis strikes, complexity may be the greatest enemy to timely backup and recovery. Since it's nearly impossible to find a shop without Windows in-house, a system based on the ubiquitous operating system could help to simplify the process from the start.

StorServer Inc. on Tuesday began shipping a backup-and-recovery appliance based on Windows Storage Server 2003. StorServer Powered By Windows Backup Appliances will run on Microsoft's network-attached storage operating system but focus on archiving, backup, and recovery only. It will work with 35 operating systems, including Linux and Unix.

The new StorServer appliance is priced from $15,000 to $120,000, depending on the capacity a customer needs, from 50 Gbytes to 10 terabytes. The vendor says the appliance can be up and running in 15 minutes, takes about a half-hour per day to manage, and meets any one- to four-hour backup window.

Analyst Mike Karp at Enterprise Management Associates thinks there's a good reason Microsoft views little StorServer as a high-level original equipment manufacturer: "It's a drop-in system conducting backup and recovery like a toaster on the table producing toast."