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COMS PLC ("Coms" or the "Company"): Coms plc Announces Exclusive New Agreement and Gears up to Support HM Government Backed Initiative
Jul 10, 2013 (10:07 PM EDT)

LONDON, July 11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

Coms plc (COMS) is pleased to announce its participation in a major countrywide HM Government backed initiative as follows:

  • Coms plc has signed an exclusive Joint Venture agreement with YourForum to assist the national 'push' for Central Government and Local Authorities to provide Broadband services across the country.
  • In addition to broadband services a Smart Monitor software package will be provided in partnership with B.E.E.S. and made available to all users.
  • As from 1st August Coms Enterprise Limited (a Coms Group plc subsidiary) will focus entirely on these digital inclusion projects and 6 dedicated members of staff will be transferred to the subsidiary to assist the Company and its partners to implement this initiative.

The exclusive joint venture agreement with YourForum, will enable Registered Service Providers, Social Landlords and Local Authorities nationally to offer subsidised or - in some cases, free Broadband connectivity to their tenants and community groups, as facilitated by this unique Agreement, which exists to specifically provide Broadband services for the National 'push' to assist Central Government and Local Authority ambitions of 'digital inclusion' for all across the Country.

The drive for national 'digital inclusion' is paramount in enabling every man woman and child the opportunity to actively get involved with the development of their Community and the ambition of creating sustainable and prosperous neighbourhoods everywhere, also - with such a high number of Social housing tenants currently unable to get accessible / affordable internet connectivity our agreement with YourForum is perfectly placed to provide an encompassing solution to assist in rectifying this current issue.

In addition to the Broadband services provided by COMS, the tenants have the option to participate in an energy saving initiative, a Smart Monitor software package provided in partnership with B.E.E.S. (Energy Cycle).

YourForum - HM Government Statement:

"The 2012 Localism Act has created a wide range of opportunities for communities to help shape services, facilities and development at a neighbourhood level. To do this like-minded people need a way to come together to discuss issues of interest to their community, to form and operate community groups and potentially to register as recognised neighbourhood Forums.

'Your Forum' is an innovative digital platform and Smartphone app created and run entirely privately by Ventura Studios with its joint Venture partner: Coms Plc & strategic partners: B.E.E.S. which gives local groups the tools to take control of their local communities.

HM Government welcomes this initiative, which is an excellent example of digital entrepreneurs using government's 'open data' to develop new services for the public."

Dave Breith (Coms CEO) commented: "We have been in negotiations for some time with YourForum and we are very pleased to have signed this exclusive contract. In addition I believe by re-structuring the business to have a dedicated subsidiary to support this important initiative means that we can participate fully without diverting attention from our core business of  providing Cloud based solutions.

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