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The Advanced Diamond Selector Tool at Places a Whole Diamond Vault at Your Disposal
Sep 26, 2012 (07:09 PM EDT)

King of Jewelry, the premier diamond engagement ring source in Los Angeles, wants you to choose only the right diamond for your needs

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- You don't become the number one source for diamond wedding rings and engagement rings in Southern California by resting on your laurels, and that's exactly why the new Diamond Selector Tool exists at, the online wing of King of Jewelry's retail store. Whether you want to see diamonds for diamond engagement rings organized by weight (in carats), clarity, certification, or color, you won't find a simpler method than by using this exclusive new diamond selector tool.

Find the exact princess, round, or emerald cut for your personal fashion sense, and tell your potential husband to be about it before he proposes. Incidentally, King of Jewelry has plenty of diamonds for men's diamond wedding rings as well. Alternatively, look for the clarity of diamond that makes your heart sing, and find out just how big of a stone you can afford with that clarity. There are countless ways to take advantage of this great tool to make your shopping process more efficient, and your purchase a smarter one!

What's often intimidating about shopping for a diamond is that having never seen a whole vault full of diamonds it can be hard to feel like you're choosing wisely. There aren't very many people who have actually seen enough diamonds at once to have the proper frame of reference. Only a jewel heist movie really presents the handfuls of diamonds you have to peruse to feel like you've been choosy. Instead, a jeweler will show you a small number of diamonds over the course of your shopping period, and perhaps advocate for each one.

King of Jewelry has decided to hand some of that control back to their customers. There's precedent for this, of course. King of Jewelry has long been the kind of place where you could control your own jewelry purchase by selecting jewel and setting separately. Now, however, there's a way to peruse the entire selection. Use the diamond selector not just to find the right diamond, but to find the right price.

There's nothing wrong with browsing the multiple carat diamonds and becoming familiar with them. But unfortunately, we're not all socialites, and we can't all afford $2 Million engagement rings. Learn the ropes, however, and you'll make a better choice at the end of the process.

Of course you can still shop in person, or by phone at 1(888) 349-8299 but to use the diamond selector tool, go to

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