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Totally Wicked Preparing For Growth And Regulation By Bringing E-Cig Manufacturing To The UK
Sep 11, 2012 (04:09 PM EDT)

There has been plenty of coverage regarding the possible health benefits or consequences of using an electronic cigarette, but no one has yet looked at the economics and possible shortage of supply of these increasingly popular devices.

BLACKBURN, England, Sept. 11, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Electronic cigarettes have been in the news since they caught the media's attention back in 2008, but no one has yet written about the economic side of this growing Industry.

The electronic cigarette industry is growing at a phenomenal rate. ECCA is quoting figures of 500% growth per annum, with 1 million electronic cigarettes users in the UK alone by 2013.

Electronic cigarettes are currently made in China, but with the number of users growing exponentially, the question here is how many credible, quality manufactures are there that can support the forecast volumes in a potentially future regulated western market?
One electronic cigarette company has decided that the only way to protect their future supply, which will be in line with probable regulation, is to bring the design and manufacturing of electronic cigarettes home to the UK.

Totally Wicked UK has taken this first step and is now producing its own electronic cigarette, and is looking to expand upon this.

Totally Wicked UK, based in Blackburn is not only protecting the future of its now global business, it is also having a positive economic effect in its local economy. Already employing over 30 staff in their UK head office, with 3 outlying retail shops across Lancashire, Totally Wicked has also partnered with the University of Central Lancashire for their innovative design and engineering concepts, and with a local Lancashire firm Dinex for the manufacturing of their own Totally Wicked flagship electronic cigarette: The Odyssey.

Electronic cigarettes were seen as a niche market, but this market is rapidly becoming mainstream with Lorillard Tobacco Company in the USA buying out an electronic cigarette company for $135 million this year.

Electronic cigarettes will face regulation, and Totally Wicked, by bringing the design and manufacturing to the UK will not only have protected its supply, but will be in a position to implement any coming legislation and is adding much needed value to its local community and business partners.

SOURCE Totally Wicked E-liquid