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Quantum Leap Innovations Launches Free Social Media Search and Monitoring Tool for Twitter and Facebook
Aug 30, 2012 (07:08 PM EDT)

Powered by Quantum Leap's Pattern Based Analytics

NEWARK, Del., Aug. 30, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Quantum Leap Innovations, developers of advanced Pattern Based Analytics products, announced an updated release of Quantum Leap Buzz, its desktop version of Pattern Based Analytics for social media. Quantum Leap Buzz can be downloaded FREE at


Quantum Leap Buzz technology is uniquely capable of isolating topics and themes that may be hidden within social media sources through the automatic discovery of key patterns. Pattern Based Analytics provides the basis for automatic filtering and organizing social media data to more accurately monitor and analyze both people and content of conversations across diverse social media environments. In short, Pattern Based Analytics lets the data tell you things you would never think to ask about and identify things you would not expect.

"Quantum Leap Buzz is a disruptive innovation," said Joseph B. Elad, founder and CEO of Quantum Leap Innovations. "An incredible amount of time and money has been spent by individuals and companies trying to better understand what people are thinking and feeling. Quantum Leap Buzz mines trending Twitter and Facebook patterns to provide unprecedented analysis of public sentiment in real-time, free of charge, and far more effectively than products that cost thousands of dollars. That's why I call it 'disruptive.'"

Since its initial launch in February 2012, Quantum Leap Buzz has been downloaded by users in over 50 countries and from companies such as IBM, Oracle, Reuters, Deloitte, Razorfish, Economic Times, Ted Conference and SAP. This new version includes Facebook data and no longer requires a license. Target users include anyone who is interested in the content of social media, especially customer service specialists, public relations agencies, market researchers and journalists. For example, Buzz's social media discovery process enables a journalist to quickly zoom in on breaking news and the stories behind breaking news, rather than spending valuable time scrutinizing and filtering oceans of information. Buzz will present the "hot topics" for a given subject in neatly organized themes that in turn can be used directly to search selected news sources for additional insight. Furthermore, the various features of the Buzz will allow journalists to examine the details of news sources, assess their validity, and determine the general sentiment around a specific theme as well as the nuances from location to location.

Quantum Leap Innovations' products run on desktops rather than living in the cloud, thus maintaining total user privacy and security. As a desktop application, Quantum Leap Buzz provides better performance and more features with a much lower cost. Quantum Leap Buzz has no usage limits for the number of queries (also known as topic profiles) and the number of mentions.

Quantum Leap Buzz features Geo-Location, Tweet Topology, Trending Analysis, Sentiment Analysis and more. It contains graphics that map tweets by geographic areas and track the pathway of a tweet as it spreads from its origin making it possible to instantly identify influencers and trend drivers.  

Corporate users who want to tailor the Quantum Leap Buzz to their daily operations are invited to contact Quantum Leap Innovations for a full discussion of Pattern Based Analytics capabilities.

About Quantum Leap Innovations

Begun in 1999, Quantum Leap Innovations, Inc. has established itself as a trailblazer in Pattern Based Analytics, creating  a suite of products that includes Pattern Based Discovery, Pattern Based Prediction, and Pattern Based Reasoning – all based on transparent, flexible discovery, visualization and analysis of informative patterns in large, complex data environments for strategic insights, forecasting and decision making.

Quantum Leap Innovations has worked extensively in the public and private sectors, including the U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Intelligence Community, CSC, DuPont, Exelon, Ford, IBM, SAIC, Texas Instruments, and Verizon. As an example, Quantum Leap Innovations' sophisticated Pattern Based Analytics products were essential in the U.S. government's decision to keep the U.S./Mexico border open during the H1N1 pandemic.

Quantum Leap is headquartered in the Delaware Technology Park which is affiliated with the University of Delaware and is located in Newark, Delaware. For more information or to set up an interview with one of the company's officers, please contact Jennifer Samero at 302-894-8010 or

Media Contact:  Jennifer Samero Quantum Leap Innovations, 302-894-8010,

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