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Context Relevant Unveils its Flagship Analytics Product and Demonstrates Game-Changing Big Data Analytics Approach
Aug 28, 2012 (04:08 PM EDT)

SEATTLE, Aug. 28, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Context Relevant (, a leading provider of Big Data modeling and analytics software, today publicly unveiled its flagship Flexible Analytics and Statistics Technology™ (FAST) at an event hosted by's Machine Learning Group. At the event, Context Relevant CEO and Co-Founder Stephen Purpura discussed his decade-long effort to simplify Big Data analytics and how Context Relevant is making routine what today is typically available only to the largest of research and development organizations.

Using a widely-known Knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD) data mining data source, Purpura demonstrated that the patent pending FAST system completes complicated model building and execution tasks in just seconds, compared to the minutes required by one of the best systems deployed in the commercial space.

This unprecedented capability puts the power of Big Data modeling and predictive analytics into the hands of analysts and front-line IT engineers that—until now—required a large, highly skilled and expensive team of data scientists. Context Relevant's technologies achieve their huge time-to-insight advantage by using revolutionary processing techniques. The company's product changes the way companies interact with massive amounts of data, transforming them from collecting big data to profiting from it. 

"Context Relevant enables analysts to perform interactive analysis of massive datasets—up to hundreds of billions of rows—while facilitating rapid predictive modeling and discovery," said Purpura. "Our FAST system is incredibly simple to use and scale, and reduces the time it takes to build models from overnight to the time it takes to take a sip of coffee."

Although Big Data represents an enormous opportunity for the enterprise, its unrelenting volume and the acute shortage of data scientists has kept all but a few of the world's largest companies from profiting from it.

"Context Relevant is attacking problems that have stymied leading enterprises and research institutions," said Dan Weld, Ph.D., WRF/TJ Cable professor of Computer Science & Engineering at the University of Washington. "By allowing users to do in seconds what before took hours or days, Context Relevant is changing the very nature of what questions can be asked, as well as the models and predictions that can arise from them."

About Context Relevant:
Context Relevant is a leading provider of Big Data analytics modeling and analytics software. Whether a company is struggling to find and hire data scientists or wants to make its existing team more efficient, Context Relevant reduces risk, simplifies data handling and adds the capability to systematically turn an organization's Big Data into a competitive advantage. For more information please follow @contextrelevant, call +1-800-980-DATA, or visit:

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