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Marketing Strategies of E-commerce Enterprises
Aug 25, 2012 (09:08 AM EDT)

GUANGZHOU, China, Aug. 25, 2012  /PRNewswire-Asia/ --

1.       Acquire New Users and Maintain Old Users

E-commerce marketing should focus on two points. Firstly, acquiring new users will be important, and then maintaining the old ones by communication is also very necessary, and meanwhile they should let the old users help to get new users, which to some degree is the ultimate goal of the marketing. And under the guidance of these two goals, the marketing department will get clear about their own responsibilities.

New users can be acquired through different promotion channels, of which the steps and phases will also be different. And during every phase, there may be some loss of users, and the marketer's job is to try to make this not happen. In addition, different from the acquisition of new users, the core of the maintenance of old users will be exploring the maximum value of them.

Generally speaking, the value of existing users can be divided into two levels:
1. Their contribution to the achievement and revenue. For example, this will take place when free users turn into paid users, and when paid users repeat their purchases, and then the increase in both the frequency and in the contribution of a single purchase will lead to the growth in the revenue.
2. Their help to attract new users, such as the common word-of-mouth marketing campaign.

SooBest, in its practice, has developed conventional marketing activities respectively for new and old users, which become great partners and supplement each other very well. Throughout the process, over time the new users will become old users, and old users will also bring a certain number of new users. With much effort put into the analysis of the data got from each of the activities, SooBest has found all the indexes of the old and new users, which have become the core indicator of the whole marketing campaign.

2.       Combined Effect

Often there are lots of enterprises, in the infancy of their marketing, which focus on studying or imitating the marketing recipes of those leading companies in the field. Yet they get quite different results. So what goes wrong here?

First of all, factors including products, prices, promotions, website designs, customer service, logistics and distribution, and after-sales service are all affecting the success of an order. To control these factors, integration and efficient co-ordination will be required.

In many cases, the decision-makers tend to set their eyes on those media channels that can contribute much to the achievement, or those very low-cost ones, while they usually ignore and even give up a lot of other expensive or small channels. SooBest, however, attaches more importance to making good use of the unique value of each channel, thus to affect consumers from different angles. So, as long as the budget permits, SooBest never abandons any single promotion channel proven effective, even when some particular ones perform not that well currently. The SooBest team certainly knows what they are doing, because they are aware of the hidden value behind these seemingly vain attempts.

3.       Phased Promotion

Generally the first 3-6 months or even a longer time will be needed for seeking proper promotion channels for a newly established website. Sometimes the success, or the failure, will come just so suddenly that you can't even predict it at all. The safest method will be acquiring the first batch of users as experimental subjects with resources or modes that are familiar to you, which, in fact, means low cost.

After constantly repeated tests and optimizations, SooBest is now doing well in its business, offering products from mainly bridal wedding dress, fashion jewelries, women's handbags at the very beginning, to fashion women's clothing, sexy intimates apparel, fashion men's clothing, latest cellphones, and digital accessories now. And all of the items are well-received by both the old and new customers. SooBest's marketing department has already drawn a lot of valuable conclusions from their experience, and the accumulation of these data surely will become the key to the expansion of its business scale and the promotion channels. Besides, SooBest also goes for advertising promotion, a more precise SEM (Search Engine Marketing), as well as affiliate advertising.

4.       Cost Control of Promotion and the ROI (Return on Investment)

The cost of acquiring new users to some extent tests the market competitiveness of the enterprise. To survive in the market, the company should consider this cost as the core indicator of their marketing strategies. They should fully take into account the users' Arpu value and the gross profit margin. Then security can be ensured by overall cost control and living within their means.