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Erectile Doctor Launches First Online Portal Dedicated To Treating Erectile Dysfunction
Aug 23, 2012 (05:08 PM EDT)

New Site Allows Men with ED to Connect with Local Doctors Discreetly and Efficiently

CLIFTON, N.J., Aug. 23, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Erectile Doctor is the first website of its kind to address and attend to one of the most ubiquitous, under-diagnosed conditions: erectile dysfunction. This online portal provides men suffering from ED with the ability to receive treatment facilely and discreetly from specialized doctors across the United States. Erectile Doctor also serves as a platform for physicians to become part of the first online directory devoted to treating ED while simultaneously expanding their patient base.

The site revolutionizes the way men seek erectile dysfunction treatment by providing them with privacy and discretion, which eliminates the need to seek treatment from invalid sources. Dr. Muhammad Mirza, founder and creator of Erectile Doctor, explains the site's foundation:

"Men are sometimes reluctant to visit their general practitioner or even seek any help at all if they think they have ED. Erectile Doctor provides a safe and legitimate online tool for men within the U.S. to discreetly search for a local doctor."

The effects of erectile dysfunction plague millions of men throughout the country each year. This condition can affect mental health and relationships, but moreover, ED can be the result of underlying medical issues.

Due to the stigma associated with the inability to perform sexually, many men avoid proper erectile dysfunction treatment and therefore further jeopardize their health. As a result, they order medication from disreputable sources, usually located in foreign countries. This practice is not only unreliable, but extremely unsafe.

Dr. Mirza's vision for Erectile Doctor emphasizes the importance of a proper diagnosis, but it also draws attention the longstanding taboo associated with the condition:

"My goal in creating the Erectile Doctor website is to bring awareness to an under-diagnosed and under-treated condition that has many social stigmas attached to it."

Erectile Doctor is beneficial for men affected by ED as well as physicians who specialize in treating the condition. The site helps doctors expand their patient base while establishing a presence on the first online directory to acknowledge the social stigmas and privacy concerns associated with erectile dysfunction.

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