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New App Aims To Enhance Relationships Via Mobile Gaming
Aug 17, 2012 (04:08 PM EDT)

Kahnoodle Makes It Fun and Easy for Couples to Feel the Love

NEW YORK, Aug. 17, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- ( -- African-American tech entrepreneur and Harvard JD/MBA Zuhairah Scott Washington is pleased to announce the Apple App Store release of Kahnoodle, the new mobile app that uses gamification and positive affirmation to make it easier for busy couples to keep their relationship fresh and exciting.

The objective of Kahnoodle is to earn enough "kudos" to fill your partner's love tank. Kudos are awarded as a form of positive affirmation every time one member of the couple does something "sweet" for the other. Kudos that align with your partner's highest-ranked relationship needs fill the love tank more quickly. The app also helps couples get offline and out on more dates through its Dates feature, which aggregates the best daily deals and date-night offers in one simple search.

Kahnoodle's patent-pending gaming technology allows tech-savvy couples to:

  • Easily communicate what they need most from their relationship
  • Give their partner "kudos" whenever they do something sweet
  • Discover the best offers on date-night activities
  • Send private messages and photos when they are apart
  • Receive tips on how to keep their relationship fresh

As a daughter to a single mom and a newlywed herself, Washington was compelled to create Kahnoodle as a way to put a dent in the divorce rate in the United States, which stands at 50 percent for first marriages, and to positively impact the number of black children born out of wedlock, a statistics that hovers above 70 percent.

Named one of the 100 Brilliant Companies of 2012 by Entrepreneur magazine, Kahnoodle currently has more than 5,000 early adopters of its beta version, with no marketing spend, and a 60 percent month-over-month growth. Kahnoodle also was selected as one of the few indie developers into Kiip's Build Fund and part of the global MassChallenge Accelerator.

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