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Windsurf Publishing Announces A New Funny Book On Healthy Foods For Kids Called, "Fruits And Veggies Are Really Great!"
Aug 09, 2012 (05:08 PM EDT)

GREENWICH, Conn., Aug. 9, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- According to Windsurf Publishing, Maureen Mihailescu's new children's book, "Fruits and Veggies are Really Great! is fun, motivating, and educational. It contains eye catching colorful illustrations. These illustrations were created using photography and digital art to make fun faces with fruits and vegetables. The illustrations are also accompanied by text suitable for young children ages three thru six. It's uncomplicated and child friendly with silly faces made out of different fruits and vegetables. It contains a simplicity that children are often attracted to in books. This one is geared to not only give them a smile or a laugh but also to practice their beginner reading skills.


Maureen Mihailescu has created a book that supports the idea that children should eat more fruits and vegetables. Today we are always finding that children are not getting the nutrition that they really should. Some of this is perhaps because we have not focused enough attention on making healthy foods cool or hip enough. When one is creative in the kitchen, and experimentation is encouraged with a child in a fun way, children's attitudes toward fruits and vegetables can change for the better. Sometimes, even the feel of a fruit or vegetable texture needs getting used to. This can be the case with very sensitive children or children with eating disorders.

So why are fruits and vegetables so important? In a nation that sells so much packaged food loaded with unknown and unrecognizable ingredients, we often do not know what we are eating. We often do not know what we are putting into our bodies or our children's bodies. In the past, people might not have questioned this as much as people are today. There is a greater awareness that synthetic chemicals in foods and food color dyes can affect health and learning. Why would anyone want to eat chemical loaded food if they knew better? Organic foods are not sprayed with those harmful chemicals. This is certainly something to think about when eating and playing with fruits and vegetables.

While "Fruits and Veggies are Really Great!" does not provide any information for kids on organic versus non-organic fruits and vegetables, it is something that Maureen Mihailescu would personally recommend. Maureen knows that raw foods are the healthiest foods a person can eat. They are nutritionally the strongest. That doesn't say much for the food pyramid we're all used to seeing in schools that include processed foods. It's interesting that you don't see recommendations for unprocessed versus processed foods in schools either. This says a lot about how school bureaucracies are handling nutritional information and how they are often lacking providing the best nutrition information available. What good is it if your berries are loaded with multiple chemicals that you cannot see or your boxed food has ingredients that you cannot recognize? You really do not know what are in them and what you or your children are really eating. Most of the information about chemicals in foods is kept quiet. No one promotes chemical covered fruits and vegetables openly at the supermarket. You do hear the word fresh a lot though. So, even if something looks fresh, it can still be covered with invisible chemicals that can eventually contribute to disease and illness.

Another issue today with fruits and vegetables is the dispute in the United States on whether foods should be labeled as genetically modified. Here we have companies that do not want the GMO label on foods because they do not want to be held accountable on whatever consequences there can be to the health of the American public. In short, they want to hide the fact that foods are genetically modified from people so that they do not know the difference. If they get ill or contract a disease, it would be much more difficult to prove that it was because of genetically modified food. There is a lot of information on the internet on genetically modified foods. It would be good to start educating the children of today about what is happening to the world's food chain supply and what large corporations are trying to do with it.

Maureen Mihailescu's book "Fruits and Veggies are Really Great!" is another terrific book available for children that encourages the consumption of more fruits and vegetables in their diet. It is now available at Amazon online and will soon be available at Barnes and Noble online and many other booksellers worldwide.

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