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Sally McFarland Announces New Website:
Jul 17, 2012 (05:07 PM EDT)

Sally McFarland is excited to announce the launch of her new website.

FAIRFAX, Va., July 17, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Sally McFarland, MD, is proud to announce the launch of her new website, A certified internist since 1987, Dr. Sally McFarland has enjoyed a long and successful career as a medical professional. Her most recent accolades include a listing in Northern Virginia Magazine's list of Best Doctors of 2009.

As a medical professional with a high reputation to maintain, launching seemed like the right thing to do. "I wanted to give my patients and prospective clients a single place where they could go to learn more about me and my practice," says Sally McFarland.

Medical professionals around the world are finding that branding themselves is becoming increasingly essential in today's Internet-driven economy. A strong website can provide a medical professional with the tools and resources necessary to develop a long and notable career as a physician.

"Though I'm very thankful for the success I've had during these last twenty-five years, I want to make sure my last years are even better," says Sally McFarland. "I felt like it was time to offer a professional website to improve my patients' experiences."

As gets it start, McFarland anticipates that much more will be done to improve its abilities over the next few months. "Right now, the website is still new. So, we'll be figuring out what people want to do with it. We're very open to taking it in directions that please patients though," says McFarland.

Many doctors today are using their website to eliminate the hassle of booking appointments. Also, doctors like Sally McFarland want to be able to share patients' testimonials, and a website provides a great method for making that information public and easy to access.

Sally McFarland is open to suggestions about her website, and is eager to make it a user-friendly experience that pleases her patients.  "It's all about the patient," she says.  "My patients know me as being competent, personable, and caring.  That's why I was able to open my new solo internal medicine practice in Fairfax [Virginia] last fall [September 2011]," says Sally McFarland.  "Now, to thank them for their trust, I want to give my customers' a resource like in return," she states.

McFarland looks forward to the further developments her site will undergo after passing through the initial launch stage.  

About Sally McFarland

Sally McFarland is recognized by her patients and colleagues as being competent.  She was even named by Northern Virginia Magazine to the Best Doctors of 2009 list.  Her qualifications for appearing on the list are well justified, too.  Sally McFarland has been certified in Internal Medicine by the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) since 1987, and she has been a member of the Medical Society of Northern Virginia since 1994.

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