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talktUp launches Groundbreaking Cash-Based Loyalty Program
Jul 17, 2012 (04:07 PM EDT)

Philanthropy, Rebates, Word of Mouth Make Loyal Customers True Partners with Businesses

BELLEVUE, Wash., July 17, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- talktUp ( announced the launch of their revolutionary customer loyalty program that is sure the break the mold for how retail businesses attract and retain new customers.

The power behind word-of-mouth – the oldest, and most effective form of marketing - is increasing exponentially with tools like Twitter and Facebook.  Social networks have made advice easier than ever to get.  Industry surveys suggest these opinions are trusted far more than brand messages. These trends are dramatically altering consumer behavior with more than 75% of consumers now say they ask their friends before making purchase decisions.

"We believe companies should be cultivating their existing customers' networks rather than trying to find and engage a prospect they don't know," says Aaron Goodin, Founder and CEO of talktUp.

talktUp takes this concept and helps offline businesses capitalize on it.  The idea is simple; if you can track word or mouth, you can reward word of mouth.  If you can reward word of mouth, you can motivate your customers to talk about your business.  And with the now socially connected world, your customers' reach is far greater than ever before.  talktUp can track people, publications, apps, coupons, most anything digital.  And, unlike other social marketing apps, talktUp closes the loop on influencers in the cloud.  They know when a referral results in an offline purchase at the register.  With this technology, talktUp is able to reward influencers with cash incentives for spreading the word about their favorite businesses.

Many people are worried about the viability of the daily deals space in creating quality life long customers.  Although a 60 percent markdown will bring in many new customers, will those customers stick around and be loyal to your brand even when the prices are full?  talktUp negates this by bringing in customers based off a recommendation from a close friend.  Customers using talktUp gain access to cashback dividends, monthly jackpots, and shared philanthropic giving (through a partnership with when visiting or spreading the word about local restaurants, bars and other retailers. Unlike companies such as Groupon or Living Social that distribute one-time discounts and coupons, talktUp promotes steady, long-term customer loyalty with a variety of incentives for both consumers and businesses.

Participating merchants include coffee shops, bars, salons & spas and both casual and fine-dining restaurants, but the platform is open to all retailers.

The beauty of talktUp is that people can use it as effortlessly or as competitively as they like because of the seamless, user-friendly platform. Members can actively use the talktUp mobile app on their smart phones to locate a merchant, track and share their savings, monitor their ranking toward winning the Jackpot and spread the word via social media or email.  Referred members may not even realize they are eating out or shopping at a talktUp restaurant or merchant until they get an email telling them they have earned cash back.

Aaron Goodin, along with co-founder, Saif Hakim, and the team at talktUp, has always been a strong believer in the power of philanthropy and supporting local businesses.  The team volunteers at several local non-profits which help the less fortunate and Goodin is the leader of a local business support group.  talktUp has also been compiling an advisory board of technology and local retail veterans in several verticals such as food service, salons, spas, and product retailers. Their combined leadership and industry expertise will help shape talktUp's innovative approach to engaging customers and keeping them happy, while continually increasing revenues and profitability for businesses.

(The company is currently operating in beta testing with select establishments in Kirkland, WA)

About talktUp

talktUp pays you cash for eating out and shopping at your favorite restaurants and retailers and sharing them with your friends.  Founded in 2011, it is the first customer loyalty program of its kind to leverage word of mouth, cash payouts, and technology to offer a fun and engaging platform that incentivizes both restaurants and consumers.  To learn more visit  facebook: and twitter: .


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