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Life Design Station International, Inc. (LDSI) CEO Discusses Innovative Social Music Platform
Jul 13, 2012 (04:07 PM EDT)

CEO Ramos-Cabera Outlines Features that Differentiate Backstage Vibeā„¢ from Other Social Music Outlets

NEW YORK, July 13, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Life Design Station International (OTC Pink: LDSI) is pioneering a new way to bring music to the masses while still allowing the artists to maintain a high level of control over their music. LDSI is developing a new business model for the music industry called Backstage Vibe™. LDSI CEO Janina Ramos-Cabera recently sat down with a staff writer at Conmigo Partners (CP) to discuss the advantages of this new venture.

During her interview Ms. Ramos-Cabera explained that this new website is more than an online music store and more than a social networking opportunity. She passionately offered a number of differences regarding how artists, promoters, producers, and fans will all have a new vehicle to connect with one another:

  • Artists will be able to collaborate in a way that has not been done before – online, in real time, worldwide;
  • By sharing a platform with promoters and producers, artists will have a greater chance of being 'discovered';
  • Producers and promoters will have a one-stop shop to discover their next star-in-the-making;
  • Artists, producers and promoters will be able to build their own individual storefronts as well as sell their wares in the larger Backstage Vibe™ store;
  • Artists will have full control over the pricing of their music and merchandise;
  • Backstage Vibe™ will allow artists, producers, and promoters to move beyond simply selling digital music. Artist, producers, and promoters will have the ability to sell their merchandise, event tickets, and apparel;
  • Fans will be able to have "backstage" access to their favorite talent with the opportunity to interact on a more intimate level than has been experienced before; and
  • Artists will be able to solicit real time feedback from their fans in order to produce the best possible final product.

Ms. Ramos-Cabera went on to tell CP that she envisions a time when an artist can logon to the portal with a few songs in their notebook and by the time they logoff walk away with new band members, new music for their lyrics, a producer for these songs, and a promoter for their next concert.

Ms. Ramos-Cabera added that this is a great time to break into the social music arena as the overall digital music industry continues to grow at an impressive pace. In 2011, digital album sales saw a 19% increase in the U.S. and an astonishing 27% growth in the UK. Digital channels accounted for an estimated 32% of global revenues for record companies in 2011. Ms. Ramos-Cabera continued that global online music revenues are expected to rise to $7.7 billion by 2015.

Ms. Ramos-Cabera has deep roots in the music industry. Her family has owned a successful recording studio in Florida and she has promoted and helped produce a number of artists and music groups both in the U.S. and Puerto Rico.  She will help lead the marketing effort but has hired a marketing team to get the word out about this new social music network. The campaign will begin by targeting major metro areas from New York City to Seattle. A number of events with up-and-coming artists are also on the horizon.

Look for the full interview with LDSI CEO Ramos-Cabera in the coming weeks. Visit for a preview of the innovative global social music platform.

CORRECTION: The July 11, 2012, LDSI press release incorrectly identified the CEO. The CEO of LDSI is Janina Ramos-Cabera.

About Life Design Station International, Inc.
Life Design Station International, Inc. (LDSI) is a music-inspired corporation.  The Company empowers artists, producers and other music professionals to reach millions of potential customers.  Life Design Station International, through its Internet-based division, develops and directs an innovative global social platform allowing artists from the U.S. and the world to interface collaboratively in order to promote, produce and sell their musical artistry.  LDSI's Backstage Vibe provides a leading-edge, secure and user-friendly environment for the sale, distribution and securing of world talent from one source.

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