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Solmetric announces v2.0 software for the PV Analyzer™
Jun 27, 2012 (05:06 PM EDT)

SEBASTOPOL, Calif., June 27, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Solmetric® announces the release of the latest software upgrade for the PV Analyzer, an electrical test solution that combines I-V curve tracing with built-in, predictive PV models to provide the fastest and most complete performance verification available for commissioning and troubleshooting PV arrays. The PV Analyzer reduces the contractual and financial risks associated with PV system performance by cost-effectively verifying array performance under existing irradiance and temperature conditions.  

The v2.0 software provides new user-friendly features. Underlying these features is the Project file, which contains the instrument settings, PV models and measurement data for particular PV installation.

The new Project Wizard™ feature guides the user to enter the design parameters of the PV system and set up the predictive performance model.  

The new Array Navigator™ feature conveniently creates a system tree describing the electrical architecture of the PV system.  In the field, measurement data is saved by simply touching the corresponding location in the system tree.

A new History tab retains the tabular results of up to 20 recent measurements, making it easy to check the consistency of a sequence of string measurements or to compare the results of troubleshooting steps.

Measured I-V curves can now also be translated to Standard Test Conditions and displayed alongside the measured I-V trace. 

A Wireless Sensor Kit is available as an option to the PV Analyzer for measuring the irradiance and the module backside temperature. This kit is widely used for commissioning of commercial PV systems for the savings in labor it provides, and for improved correlation between the sensor values and the associated I-V curves. This tighter correlation reduces the variation in measured versus predicted system performance caused by rapidly changing environmental conditions. This in turn provides a clearer picture of the uniformity of string performance across the array, as well as better insight into the nature of any performance issues. In version 2.0 software, every measurement screen also displays wirelessly transmitted irradiance and temperature, making it easy for the user to 'dodge' clouds by triggering I-V measurements only when the irradiance is stable.   

The v2.0 software will be available for free download for existing PVA users on August 1.   

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About Solmetric:

Solmetric delivers innovative solar measurement and design tools with built-in expertise that help you maximize your Return on Irradiance. The Solmetric SunEye® is the fastest and most complete shade analysis tool available, allowing more site evaluations in a day and helping to close sales on the first visit. 

Solmetric PV Designer software makes it easy to design a PV system, estimate production and model the impact of shade using your SunEye measurements. The PV Analyzer brings new levels of productivity and insight to the commissioning and troubleshooting PV array performance. 

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