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starcount Launches World's First Social Entertainment Charts
Jun 01, 2012 (01:06 PM EDT)

Digital Platform Measures Social Media Popularity For Fans, Talent, Media And Brands On Global Scale

SINGAPORE, June 1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- All The Worlds Entertainment, along with its subsidiary Digitales, is pleased to announce the launch of starcount ( – the world's first and largest global, digital platform for social entertainment charts. starcount aims to provide the most extensive range of charts on the planet and to be the definitive measure of social media popularity for fans, talent, media and brands alike.


starcount – the world's global entertainment charts at your fingertips
starcount works by aggregating public information from the top 11 global social networks to showcase and celebrate the most unique and popular people in the world of social media across all genres including music, sports, film, gaming, fashion, TV, brands & politics. These networks are Facebook, Renren, Twitter, Tencent Weibo, Sina Weibo, YouTube, Youku, mixi, Vkontakte, Google+ and Orkut. With its proprietary data system, starcount was developed to serve as the benchmark for popularity across geographies and cultures – the ultimate digital platform for discovering trends and rising stars in social entertainment.

"starcount is the first of its kind, a truly global measure of popularity," said Drew Thomson, Joint Chief Executive Officer for All The Worlds Entertainment. "Not only are the starcount charts a unique, dynamic measure of popularity every day, but starcount is the world's first 'discovery engine' that constantly seeks to entertain through introducing you to popular worldwide social stars and the latest content that you would have never otherwise known about.

"Never before has it been possible to meaningfully compare stars across the spectrum of entertainment. A starcount score will allow fans to uniquely compare stars' global popularity – and trust me there are a few surprises in there!"

In addition to generating charts, starcount also dynamically aggregates the social media activity of every person in the charts to give fans one place to keep up to date with the social buzz from around the world.

"In our view, no one else on the planet is able to chart global social media popularity across such a wide range of genres and people," Thomson said. "For this reason, we can say that starcount is the global authority on social popularity."

The Social Star Awards (The Socials)
starcount will honor and celebrate the superstars of social media, and is very proud to present The Social Star Awards – an annual global gathering of the multi-genre, A-list superstars of social media. This will be the most glamorous red-carpet event ever staged in Asia, honoring and rewarding the biggest global stars from the worlds of music, movies, fashion, gaming, TV and sports.

The starcount awards show will be hosted annually in Singapore through an exclusive partnership with Singapore Tourism Board (STB). The inaugural Social Star Awards will take place on May 31, 2013, at Marina Bay Sands, who are founding partners of the project along with Economic Development Board (EDB), the Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) and BBC Worldwide.

"We will create a huge global media event weekend from Singapore, attracting multi-genre, A-list superstar talent, the entertainment industry and adoring fans from around the world," said Paul Morrison, Joint CEO of All The Worlds Entertainment. "The show will be produced by the same team who created the pioneering F1 Rocks event in Singapore and who are also producing the London 2012 Olympic Opening & Closing Ceremonies and The Victoria's Secret Shows in the United States.

"We've cherry-picked the best talent in the world to create what we believe will pioneer the evolution of the awards show genre and throw a glamorous party the likes of which Singapore has never seen. The iconic and visually stunning Marina Bay Sands is the perfect location and founding partner for our show."

About starcount
starcount is a unique and innovative social entertainment business made up of 4 elements:

  • - Uniquely aggregating multi genre social media to deliver a real time score of celebrity and brands measuring popularity and fan engagement; and recognizes, celebrates and charts the Superstars (and rising stars) of social media;
  • The Social Awards -  The people's choice awards show, which re-defines the award show genre, creating truly interactive, A list content;
  • Starcount Live - Year round events in key strategic locations championing the existing and emerging stars of social media across all genres. The first live event being The Singapore Social music event in June 2013;
  • Starcount(2) - Unique global insights and measures for both consumers & brands across multiple genres and social media platforms.  Aggregation of social media data and trends creates opportunities for content and analysis. 

Starcount is a Singapore based company with offices in Singapore and in London.

About All The Worlds Entertainment (ATWE Pte Ltd)
ATWE is a unique social entertainment business with the capability and skill-sets to create and deliver world leading social entertainment platforms. ATWE is pioneering the fusion of the main entertainment genres - music, sport, fashion, film, TV, gaming and bringing together the digital and live environments to create unique properties across the world.

ATWE puts creativity at the centre of everything we do from the development of our branded entertainment platforms through to the commercial structures we adopt with clients and partners. Peter Kenyon, the former CEO of both Manchester United FC and Chelsea FC is a Non-Executive Director of ATWE Pte Ltd.

ATWE is a Singapore based company with offices in Singapore and in London.

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