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New Site Provides Storage of Pet's Records
May 22, 2012 (07:05 PM EDT)

LOS ANGELES, May 22, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- announces its nationwide launch. This is a company that offers a much needed solution to pet record storage. Unlike pet portals offered by veterinarians, this site targets individual pet owners and is not tied to a specific animal hospital.


As pet owners are aware, vaccination and medical records are often needed and frequently misplaced or forgotten. solves this problem by offering instant access to their pet's records through a high security website.

In addition, the site offers FOUND SEARCH. A unique service that provides finders of lost pets with urgent medical information and a pre-authorized amount of emergency medical expenses. Our service keeps owner's contact information confidential, therefore providing owners privacy that cannot be obtained through traditional ID tags.

The site launched in May 2012 and costs $30 per year, with multiple pet discounts available.

The Founders
Melissa Cagle and James Firios founded after they adopted their first dog, an abused golden mix who they named Sasha, from the South LA Shelter. Upon taking Sasha to their veterinarian they were curious about what information was stored on her microchip. Their vet, Best Friends Animal Hospital in Studio City, CA, informed them that only their name, address and phone numbers were on the chip. James, a U.S. Navy veteran, thought that it would be great if the chip could link to all of Sasha's medical records, a technology that is currently unavailable. Thus the idea for the company was formed

Charity Support
Melissa, whose background is in fundraising and event planning for non-profits, decided to market their new company through animal charity sponsorships. Currently they have spent thousands of dollars sponsoring three dog races[1] that raised funds for shelters and they are in talks to sponsor an additional four events by the end of October. In addition, donates a percentage of their sales to affiliated shelters and rescue groups.

The Mission: is founded on a simple principle, pet records should be easy to keep track of and accessible.

Press Contact: Melissa Cagle Tel: 678-662-3929 Email:

[1] Oregon Humane Society's Doggie Dash in Portland, OR; Bozeman's Canine Classic in Bozeman, MT; Claws and Paws in Clawson, MI