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Eyes on the Go, Inc. Estimates $56 Million in Revenue in 2015 with Over 11,000 Sites Installed
May 15, 2012 (04:05 PM EDT)

NEW YORK, May 15, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Eyes on the Go, Inc. (AXCG.PK) has experienced significant market interest in its web site from entertainment venues in New York City.  The feedback from consumers has been very positive.  Coming to the end of its beta period, Eyes will be launching to the general public through marketing events and social media campaigns.  Eyes will be leveraging its partnerships with its venue clients, with performers and with its national marketing agreement with the US's largest food services company and forecasts that it will implement over 11,000 venue sites by the end of 2015. 

Eyes has built its web site and applications around three major sources of revenue: monthly fees, advertising revenue primarily through its agreement with Tremor Video, and with Pay-per-View ticket revenue.  Eyes estimates average revenue of $500 per site each month which will equate to over $5 million a month in revenue.  The company is forecasting total revenue in 2015 of $56 million

The web site presents live streaming video from entertainment venues focusing on comedy, live music, DJ's, spoken word, karaoke and other performances.  The company has introduced a recorded content function that allows managers to choose from a library of prior events to show during down times.  This means that the consumer has a large variety of content to watch, all for free.  In addition, the venue managers can designate certain sold out or popular events for Pay-per-View, charging a small percentage of the in person ticket price for consumers to enjoy from their computers or mobile devices.

The company plans to launch this service in additional US cities by the end of the summer.  Through their marketing agreements, they will be leveraging introductions in existing relationships.  "We have a detailed and structured plan to continue growing in New York City to a critical mass of 50-75 sites within the next few months.  We will then launch in another large US city, placing sales people, project managers and program managers, relying on development and web operations from our Brooklyn headquarters," stated Chris Carey, the Eyes on the Go CEO.  "We believe that we can leverage our existing relationships and the selling model that has been so successful in New York to launch in the next metropolitan area."

About Eyes on the Go, Inc. and 

Eyes on the Go provides online streaming video and audio for the Hospitality industry through its web site.  Web browsers can view their favorite bars, clubs and performance spaces, or look at venues they are thinking about visiting.  The venue can utilize this service to leverage social media and digital age communications to increase traffic and to promote their locations. 

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Chris Carey, Chief Executive Officer
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