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Chaotic Moon Acquires Symbiot Security
Apr 26, 2012 (05:04 PM EDT)

Industry-leading security management and risk metrics platform will be integrated into Chaotic Moon's cloud-based mobile product offerings for iOS, Android, and Windows 8.

AUSTIN, Texas, April 26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Chaotic Moon Studios ( is pleased to announce the acquisition of Symbiot, a leader in risk metrics and security. The acquisition brings industry-leading security technologies together with the world leader in mobile strategy, design, and development.

"Over the last decade, Symbiot has continually refined tools and systems for quantifying network risks into simple scores using long-term attacker profiling, behavioral modeling and defender vulnerability," said Steve Smith, Chief Technology Officer at Chaotic Moon. "Integrating these proven technologies into our mobile product offerings is simply the first step in Chaotic Moon addressing the ever-increasing mobile security concerns present in today's marketplace."

To date, the evolution of security infrastructures has remained focused on network solutions based on decades-old technologies that fail to take into account the ever-growing presence of mobile computing devices. Symbiot's Risk Metric Scoring combined with Chaotic Moon's Chaos Engine will take non-equilibrium risk models beyond network infrastructure onto the billions of mobile devices in use every day.

"We could not be more excited about bringing the core Symbiot technology and IP portfolio to Chaotic Moon. Since its inception, Symbiot Security has been a leader in accessing and measuring real-time network risk through the pioneering of its adaptation of non-equilibrium risk models in network security," said Ben Lamm, CEO of Chaotic Moon. "Now, Chaotic Moon will be integrating the same technologies that have been used to protect America into our Chaos Engine allowing us to roll out an unparalleled mobile security offering exclusively to our customers and strategic partners."

The ability to embed core security and risk management technologies across Chaotic Moon's offerings creates an unique opportunity for it to build amazing and award-winning mobile brand strategies and applications, while simultaneously focusing on customers' peace of mind and security. As part of the acquisition, Chaotic Moon will maintain all Symbiot's security clearances, expand on existing installations in Agencies of the US Federal Government, and commit to further research and development for the US intelligence community.

About Chaotic Moon Studios:

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