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Darin Andersen, General Manager, Norman ASA, Available for Expert Commentary on Global Payments Security Breach
Mar 30, 2012 (03:03 PM EDT)

FAIRFAX, Va., March 30, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Darin Andersen, General Manager, North America of Norman ASA, a global leader in proactive content security and forensic anti-malware solutions, is available to provide commentary on the security breach reported today at Global Payments, a processor of debit and credit cards for banks and merchants. The breach is reported to have put as many as 10 million cardholders at risk.

Among Andersen's comments on the breach:

  • "Despite an ongoing and increasing number of security breaches at organizations holding large amounts of consumer information, many companies with tight budgets are slow to invest heavily in the necessary hardware, software and trained teams essential to minimize or thwart these breaches."
  • "For example, a recent Norman survey, focused on malware analysis, an important component of a comprehensive security defense-in-depth strategy, found:
    • 65% of respondents predict the sheer number of malware threats will grow by more than 25% in 2012
    • Just 17% stated they are catching all malware targeted at their company
    • Only 45% believe their malware analysis budgets will go up this year and just 33% state they will add analysts to their security response teams in 2012."
  • "An effective defense-in-depth strategy includes multiple and overlapping layers of antivirus, endpoint, intrusion detection and malware analysis hardware and software, since any single antivirus solution, for example, is likely to miss a certain number of threats."

Andersen is available to discuss these and related points.

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