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Omnetics Announces Nano 360™ Connectors
Mar 21, 2012 (04:03 PM EDT)

Nano Connectors for rugged performance!

MINNEAPOLIS, March 21, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Omnetics' "Nano 360™" connectors at .025" pitch, reduce size and weight by as much as 3x compared to standard .050" pitch circular connectors.  Current applications in the military and aerospace industry include helmet electronics, surveillance equipment, miniature robotic systems, and extend into portable medical equipment.  (One example is a six position circular connector that fits within a 1/8 inch diameter port on a high reliability portable search and rescue instrument.)  As new products require circuit miniaturization, they also demand smaller cable and connector systems.  To continue the robust performance expected for high reliability applications, Omnetics uses the key elements from their Mil-DTL- 32139 products.  This helps make some of the world's smallest ruggedized connectors.  To meet harsh environment, IP67 and other custom applications, Omnetics offers a number of standard designs and locking methods with pin counts from 2 to 28 positions.  Standard sizes include, 6, 11, 16, and 28 position connectors.  The unique polarized-insulator-bodies allow for both plastic and or metal shell connector design styles.  Threaded couplings, breakaway shells and twist-lock housings are ready for standard cable to panel mount interconnections.   Thirty-two gauge standard Teflon® insulated copper wire is offered from stock that handles nearly 1 ampere of current.  Nano-connectors routinely serve digital image transfer, audio, computer data and even drive current for small motors in robots.  In some circuits, high-speed cable is used and includes shielding connected to metal housings for EMI protection.  Solid model design and custom assembly expands the range of applications for use of ultra-miniaturized, rugged connectors.

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