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Mar 08, 2012 (04:03 PM EST)

In the news release, OFFLANE Launches World's First Truly Portable Digital Newsstand, issued 08-Mar-2012 by OFFLANE over PR Newswire, we are advised by the company that the headline and first paragraph have changed, and an OFFLANE boiler plate has been added. The complete, corrected release follows:

OFFLANE for iPad Unveiled - The World's First Truly Portable Digital Newsstand

SAN FRANCISCO, March 8, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- OFFLANE for iPad was unveiled today at the Launch Festival in San Francisco. OFFLANE lets you sync-up thousands of articles across hundreds of news sources and take them with you anywhere. For the first time ever, millions of iPad owners can take their iPads with them everywhere and have their favorite publications available for reading anytime, anywhere.

OFFLANE is launching exclusively on the iPad as a tablet-optimized experience and has been designed from the ground-up to be a killer app for commuters or anyone that wants to carry their iPad with them at all times. "I was tired of taking the train into Manhattan and not having access to great content," said Roman Geyzer, CEO of OFFLANE. "Most content apps just stop working when you leave your home or office because they require a constant Internet connection."

OFFLANE was one of a limited number of companies selected to present on the main stage at the Launch Festival in San Francisco on March 8, 2012. OFFLANE has the potential to be a disruptive player in the news space as it enables content providers to push paid content to OFFLANE, set a price and enable monetization of the content whether the user is online or offline. "This wouldn't be a portable digital newsstand if you couldn't actually buy a copy of your favorite magazine with it."

OFFLANE is currently in private beta and will be available for general release soon. In anticipation of the upcoming launch, OFFLANE is announcing a special promotion to WIN a new iPad. To enter to win, just follow @offlane on Twitter and tweet with hashtag #needofflane and tell your story.


Founded in 2012, New York based OFFLANE, INC. has created the world's first truly portable digital newsstand. Founded by Roman Geyzer, OFFLANE enables iPad owners to enjoy news content on subways, airplanes or anywhere that they don't have a WiFi connection.

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