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Juan Gonzalo Angel Pioneers Colombian Theme Channels For Mobile Phones
Feb 16, 2012 (06:02 PM EST)

BOGOTA, Colombia, Feb. 16, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Global Media Telecommunications, a company dedicated to the production of thematic signals for both cable and satellite systems in the Spanish-speaking market, will launch a channel specializing in 24 hour news for Latin America, the Caribbean and USA. Additional development of newscasts subtitled in English for the American market will be available as well. In addition to Theme Channels, advanced negotiations with telephone companies have begun create a presence through IPTV for the provision of breaking news to mobile devices.

The most prominent channel for Global is Cable News, a channel with a 90% penetration rate in Colombia. Cable News is the leading channel in its genus broadcasting 24 hours from Latin America. The channel offers a wide range of news information from the region and the world. Highlights of the economic and financial situation are addressed to the industrial sector of each region. Cable News, is currently in the testing phase for a new application called NotiMovil, a newscast designed for cell phones, BlackBerry or iPod.

Another niche channel - is TV AGRO. TV Agro is the leading channel in Latin America in the dissemination of the agricultural sector in a context of educational and informative topics for all kinds of audiences and is offered 24 hours per day. TV Agro has had very good reception in medium-sized and large enterprises and in education. This year Global will concentrate on Venezuela, Costa Rica and Central America, to continue producing and enriching our channel with purely agricultural content.

Rumba TV: A party on the screen, with the musical hits of the moment to delight viewers with all the Latin tropical genres.

Tele Nostalgia: To live and feel the memory screen 24 hours a day with the broadcast of the best videos of ballads in Spanish.

Founder and President of Global Media, Juan Gonzalo Angel, is responsible for installing thousands of miles of fiber-optic cable in Colombia through his first cable company, Pacific Cable. PC was sold to a multinational group and Mr. Gonzalo formed Global Media Telecommunications to fill a place in the market for paid channels.

SOURCE Global Media Telecommunications