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WRGL "Social Live" Community Website Open to Beta Testing
Feb 16, 2012 (04:02 PM EST)

RENO, Nev., Feb. 16, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Warrior Girl Corp (Pink Sheets: WRGL) is pleased to announce that it has launched "Social Live" a new social media web portal that ventures where Facebook left off.

"After establishing itself as the pre-eminent social networking site, many users now say they are unhappy with Facebook and abandoning the site due to issues ranging from privacy, bad to nonexistent customer support, and complaints over the new 'Timeline' format which people cannot opt out of," commented WRGL CEO Julian Sula.

Some of the main features of WRGL's Social Live include: User Theme Management, allowing users to customize their profile pages with their unique custom design to let them stand out, advanced privacy settings and notifications, blogs, pages and groups, ability to share files and attachments, private messaging, events, instant messenger, forums, activity feed, photos and tagging, polls, quizzes, marketplace, social sharing, videos, music, shout box, emoticons and many other features. Visit to have a look at the future of social media.

"Social Live is in beta testing and WRGL invites its shareholders and the general pubic to sign up for free and give the site a whirl.  We would love to get people's feedback and input on what they think of the site and help us improve and ultimately build a network that puts people as a priority first," added Sula.

"We believe in building a truly democratic network, responsive and sensitive to user needs and with the user experience and privacy being at the epicenter of our model we believe that Social Live can blossom into a beautiful and powerful place to share with others and play an important role amid the social media hierarchy."

Warrior Girl Corp is a holding company for a series of diversified online projects that span B2C operations, financial services, online hosting, web services and social media.  WRGL also acts as an incubator for online start-up businesses, providing expertise and funding to development-stage entities in the web arena. New projects are selected which in the view of management have significant upside potential.  For more information visit

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