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docuPAD® is Helping Reinvent the F&I Experience for Dealerships and Consumers
Feb 04, 2012 (09:02 AM EST)

docuPAD® Helps Dealerships Set Themselves Apart from the Competition and Increase Customer Satisfaction and Revenue

DAYTON, Ohio, Feb. 4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Reynolds and Reynolds today announced a number of enhancements to docuPAD® that help reinvent the F&I experience for dealers and their customers and help dealers increase customer satisfaction and revenue.

docuPAD is an interactive finance and insurance (F&I) selling tool and document processing system that enables dealerships to engage consumers and electronically manage and record the deal process from start to finish.

"More than a half-million vehicles already have been delivered through docuPAD, and it's a tool that's truly helping to reinvent the F&I experience for dealerships and their customers," said Jon Strawsburg, vice president of Product Planning for Reynolds. "Dealers who use docuPAD are finding that they are able to set themselves apart from other dealers and achieve important results: Increased accuracy. Improved compliance. More F&I selling time and more revenue. And, most notably, increased customer participation during the F&I process and higher customer satisfaction with the vehicle sale."

Strawsburg noted specifically that dealers using docuPAD are experiencing results that include:

  • More than a 10 percent increase in total average F&I gross profit.
  • Up to a 15-minute decrease in the length of time the customer spends in the F&I department during a vehicle sale.
  • More than a 95 percent customer satisfaction rating with the overall F&I process.

New Enhancements

One of the more recent enhancements to docuPAD is its new hardware platform. docuPAD now includes a 50 percent larger screen that sits on the dealer's desktop. View new docuPAD tablet.

The latest software enhancements to docuPAD include direct integration with the Reynolds ERA® and POWER dealership management systems (DMS), which helps further improve the entire deal closing process for dealerships and their customers and eliminates the need for dealers to re-key deal data in the DMS.

Strawsburg concluded: "docuPAD was developed to help revolutionize the F&I process for dealerships and their customers. We have continued to refine those product attributes to further improve the customer experience and deliver business results that make a significant difference for dealers."

Reynolds and Reynolds ( has an exclusive marketing relationship with COINdata (, the company that originally developed docuPAD.

SOURCE The Reynolds and Reynolds Company