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Shopatron Upgrades Shorten Order Processing and Increase Sales Conversions for Clients
Jan 18, 2012 (03:01 PM EST)

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif., Jan. 18, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- In this customer-centric and highly competitive era of eCommerce, retail-integrated eCommerce provider Shopatron has unveiled a new suite of enhanced capabilities designed to improve the user experience for both clients and online shoppers.


One of the most exciting features included in the current set of upgrades is Expedited Order Assignment. This new Shopatron feature accelerates the delivery of orders that are placed on Shopatron client websites and fulfilled by a local retail partner, in some cases shaving as much as 24 hours off the order processing time. Another new feature, the Customer Experience Bonus Tool, makes it possible for Shopatron merchants to reward their retail fulfillment partners for delivering superior customer service. Both of these enhancements improve on Shopatron's unique retail-integrated eCommerce process, allowing Shopatron clients to provide an even better customer experience when selling from their website.

"We are continuing to put the spotlight on user experience and customer satisfaction," says Shopatron founder and CEO Ed Stevens. "The stakes are high for all online merchants and nobody can afford to offer sub-par service. Customers need a reason to buy from a particular online merchant, beyond price and availability, because they have so many other options. Shopatron is focused on providing an excellent shopping experience followed by smooth delivery and impeccable service. Customers won't settle for less, and why should they?"

Other features in this recent upgrade include launching PayPal payments for international markets and the move to greener, paperless e-payments beginning February 1.

To announce the launch of these upgrades, Shopatron has developed an engaging campaign that tests a brand's EQ (eCommerce intelligence quotient). Shopatron's interactive quiz tests participants on various eCommerce topics, resulting in scores ranging from Dweeb (30% correct) to Wizard (100% correct) depending on their performance. Anyone can take the test here:

Shopatron is also putting the spotlight on the results from their ongoing and extensive conversion testing. In 2011, testing of guest checkout and changes to standard onsite messaging, like security and return policies, produced highly actionable insights. These insights allowed Shopatron's Traffic & Conversions team to make system-wide upgrades that resulted in increased sales for their clients, sometimes by as much as 29%.

For more information about Shopatron, visit or call 866-625-5050.

About Shopatron

Founded in 2001, Shopatron is the only eCommerce solution in the world that can drive more online sales while, at the same time, increasing a company's sales through the retail channel. Working with over 1,000 brands and 18,000 retail partners across more than 40 industries, Shopatron offers an innovative and flexible approach to eCommerce that matches the unique needs of branded manufacturers and multi-channel retailers.

With Shopatron's eCommerce solution for brands, Coex Freedom, manufacturers sell on their website and send orders to their retail partners for fulfillment. This solution eliminates channel conflict, builds retailer relationships, grows distribution and increases overall sales for the brand. Shopatron's solution for multi-channel retailers, Coex Private, allows retailers to fulfill orders from all inventory centers, including both retail stores and distribution centers. Shopatron's distributed order management model also enables in-store pickup to drive foot traffic into brick-and-mortar locations for additional services and add-on sales.

Shopatron clients include top brands such as Louisville Slugger, Suzuki, Polaroid, Mizuno, Ducati, JL Audio, K2 and Sport Chalet. The company is headquartered in San Luis Obispo, Calif.

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