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Make Great Financial Decisions in the New Year With FindTheBest's Online Interactive Tools
Dec 23, 2011 (09:12 AM EST)

Compare credit cards, savings accounts, checking accounts and credit counseling services side-by-side to make the most informed decisions when organizing your finances.

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., Dec. 23, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- FindTheBest's comparisons are your first step to making great financial decisions in 2012. Whether you're looking for credit cards, savings accounts, checking accounts or credit counseling services, use for more informed decision-making.

FindTheBest's interactive comparisons and tools are the key to more informed financial decision in the New Year.

First, here's an overview of how these comparisons and tools can help: FindTheBest's filters allow users to sort lists of products according to their preferences. Narrow down your decision quickly by selecting the filters important to you.

Second, use the Smart Rating as an indicator of a product or service's overall quality. The Smart Rating is a hybrid rating system combining expert reviews and quantitative data, displayed with a circular dial and a number from 0-100 in the center.

Lastly, FindTheBest's Buyer's Guides offer expert insight into the decision making-process. You'll find the key features of what to look for and what to avoid.

So how can FindTheBest's comparisons and tools help you make better financial decisions?

To find the best credit card for you, start by filtering FindTheBest's list of credit cards according to your preferences. You can choose to sort the list by annual fee, rewards type, and credit history.

Once you've sorted the list with your best options, compare your choices side-by-side. You can clearly see the distinctions between credit cards and find the one that fits your needs.

If you still haven't found the credit card for you, use FindTheBest's Buyer's Guide for an overview of what features to look for and what to avoid.

If you're looking for the best savings account or best checking account, FindTheBest offers the same tools to help the decision-making process.

Start by filtering the lists. Filter by minimum balance, account type, interest rate and monthly fee. Then, compare the choices that fit your needs side-by-side. Again, if you're not entirely sure of your decision, use FindTheBest's Buyer's Guide to savings accounts and checking accounts for what to look for and what to avoid. 

These comparisons and tools are your ticket to better financial decisions, and total debt freedom, in the New Year.

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