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Verix Reaches Out to Mobile Consumers
Dec 14, 2011 (05:12 PM EST)

xPad Offers Convenience and Mobility for iPad Users

LOS ALTOS, Calif., Dec. 14, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- To meet the increasingly mobile demands of today's workforce, Verix announced its iPad application xPad today. xPad combines all the benefits of the Verix Business Intelligence solution with the multipurpose built-in features of the iPad, such as a built-in GPS and touch screen. Tailored for field personnel, the application offers instant access to databases, as well as one-touch access to Google Maps for driving directions.

Mobile users can now have access to the latest, up-to-date information, as opposed to printed reports that become outdated once a single variable changes. xPad eliminates the need for account managers to export and print out Excel spreadsheets, as all information can be conveniently retrieved directly from the xPad. The application facilitates excellent collaboration between the home office, and account, regional and national managers. By eliminating redundant calls to the home office, more time can be delegated to sales activity, increasing efficiency and enabling a low total cost of ownership. Furthermore, xPad utilizes the entire security infrastructure of the Verix enterprise version to ensure the safety of clients' business data.

Doron Aspitz, CEO of Verix, said, "Apple's iPad is the perfect platform to meet the specific demands of field personnel who regularly perform their work on the road. Verix's xPad application integrates all our powerful modules, as well as our prized HotSpots™ technology, with the special capabilities of the iPad, creating a breakthrough solution that has the power to bump up productivity."

With the GPS-based Plan-A-Day feature, account managers from the Pharmaceutical industry can make the most out of their sales in an area by visiting the top targeted physicians in order of priority and proximity. Furthermore, the Dynamic Call Planning module allows account managers to gather information and prepare for calls and detailing activities on the go, as well as continuously tune their targeting plan for optimal sales results. For maximal ease of use, users can open sub windows with detailed prescriber information, related Managed Care activity, and trend analysis, and mini spreadsheet snippets. xPad is equipped with a master database of all products and physicians. That way, a physician's background information is just a click away.

By enabling customers to access the Verix BI solution, drilling in and analyzing data anywhere and at any time through the intuitive xPad user interface, Verix is the only BI vendor to deliver a comprehensive enterprise BI suite on the iPad. Customers are now able to access information in the field, as well as customize level and area of detail to timely respond to direct threats, such as a competitor's activity, and untapped opportunities, such as high potential untargeted prescribers.

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