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Australian Speaker Peter Slipper Overpaid for Magazine Subscriptions
Dec 11, 2011 (05:12 AM EST)

BROOKLYN, N.Y., Dec 11, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- ( -- Recent news that the federal parliamentary Speaker Peter Slipper spent over $2500 on magazine subscriptions is not surprising. Speaker Slipper is apparently interested in lifestyle and fashion magazines from Australia, the UK and the US, which is even less surprising. According to Acclaim Subscriptions -- Australia, magazine subscriptions to lifestyle, fashion and interest publications, such as sports, children's and pet magazines are in much higher demand than news magazines.

What is surprising is that it appears the speaker has not done comparison shopping and may have overpaid for magazine subscriptions. Certainly at this point, he needs a subscription to Climbing magazine to help him climb out from the public relations squalor caused by his magazine subscription purchases.

While one can debate whether it's appropriate for the Speaker to have fashion magazine subscriptions reimbursed by the taxpayers, there is no debate that at the very least the government should get the best deal on magazine subscriptions. Discount magazine subscriptions are available online including international magazine subscriptions for Australian delivery as well as popular Australian magazines. Cheap prices are available not only to individuals but to corporations, libraries and governments.

There is little reason to pay full price for magazine subscriptions. More Australians and Australian businesses choose to save on magazine subscriptions by ordering discount magazine subscriptions online. It's time for the government to start doing the same. With thousands of popular magazine subscriptions available for order in one place, the opportunities to save are immense.

Over time, more and more Australians have shown interest in ordering Aussie magazines subscriptions online as well as magazines from Europe, the UK, Italy, France and the US. This is in part due to a larger number of Australians who have lived abroad and increasing number of immigrants or temporary workers in Australia who yearn for magazines that they are used to reading.

Some of the most popular magazines ordered in Australia include: Better Homes and Gardens magazine, Scooby Doo magazine, Bird Talk, Mopar Muscle, O: Oprah magazine, Seventeen magazine, Shape magazine, Veranda magazine, Marie Claire and Cat Fancy magazine subscriptions.Comic magazines have been especially popular recently. Professional magazines such as Nursing 2012 are also popular.

The increased connectivity across the globe via Internet, Facebook and Twitter has led to increased range of interests and increased demand for magazine subscriptions in Australia. For example, Australians subscribe to Cat Fancy magazine from the US and Craft Stamper magazine from UK.

In view of the high prices paid by Australian government for magazine subscriptions, Acclaim Subscriptions -- Australia offers a limited time offer to Australians interested in saving money on magazine subscriptions. The offer applies to the Speaker Peter Slipper as well should he decide to renew his subscriptions using his personal funds or to any government order.

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SOURCE Acclaim Subscriptions