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RTT Appoints Sole Chief Executive Officer for US Offices
Dec 09, 2011 (01:12 PM EST)

Peter Stevenson transitioning from co-CEO to CEO

ROYAL OAK, Mich., Dec. 9, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- RTT USA, Inc. (RTT), a leader in realtime 3D visualization software and services for product design and marketing, announced this week that Peter Stevenson will transition from his role as co-CEO to serve as the sole CEO of RTT USA, Inc.

Stevenson has overseen massive growth and expansion in the Royal Oak office over the past six years. He has extended the client roster exponentially and in turn, RTT has steadily hired new employees in the face of a regional, national and global economic downturn.  Peter will now oversee operations in both the Royal Oak and Pasadena office locations.

"Peter's leadership and commitment to RTT has driven our growth within the automotive industry and beyond, by way of innovative solutions designed to meet customer demands," said Ludwig A. Fuchs, co-founder and CEO of RTT AG.  "He has contributed greatly to the success of not only the US offices, but also to the global company, and we are confident in his ability to continue these endeavors."

In 2005, Peter Stevenson joined RTT USA, Inc. as chief operating officer and managing director of the Royal Oak, Mich. office, which was established in 2006.   Stevenson has been responsible for coordinating client teams to provide software and support to maximize their return on investment using RTT's class-leading 3D visualization solutions. 

Prior to joining RTT, Stevenson's career was split between the United States and Europe in his work with Urban Science Applications, Inc., a global management consultancy, which he joined in 1993 as a consultant.  Prior to his role as co-CEO, Stevenson held the title of director, product development and was responsible for the development and implementation of site analysis solutions globally. 

Stevenson holds a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland.  

About RTT  

RTT provides creative, fascinating 3D visualization solutions highlighting products realistically and enabling them to be experienced in realtime. The company assists customers throughout the entire life cycle of their products – from development, design and marketing to sales and distribution. The 3D data model from product development provides a working basis for all subsequent steps in the product life cycle, for example, creating rapid computer-generated, photorealistic product illustrations for marketing or a 3D online product configurator for the website. In so doing, RTT not only speeds up its customers' decision-making and development processes, but also opens up new avenues for them in sales and marketing. The company was founded in 1999 and has its head office in Munich. RTT has about 500 employees and 14 offices across the world. Well-known companies across the globe rely on the quality provided by RTT. Examples are Adidas, Airbus, Audi, BASF, BMW, Daimler, Electrolux, Eurocopter, Ferrari, General Motors, Harley-Davidson, Miele, Nissan, Porsche, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, The North Face, Toyota and Volkswagen. RTT AG is a listed public limited company (Xetra: R1T; WKN: 701220; ISIN: DE0007012205). Further information is available at