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Revention Announces Record Breaking Year
Dec 06, 2011 (04:12 PM EST)

HOUSTON, Dec. 6, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- As the end of 2011 draws near, Revention has many reasons to celebrate a successful business year. While it may be true that an overall stagnant economy has continued to plague the United States, Revention, Inc. has seen a continuing upward trend in the sales of their products and services, making 2011 the company's biggest sales year to date. During this time of economic struggle, why has Revention seen such an increase in sales?

"2011 was a record breaking year for Revention in regards to system sales, mainly due to our commitment to keeping up with all the latest technology," Laura Gaudin, Product Manager at Revention, Inc. "Point of Sale software is under more scrutiny than ever before, especially now that technical due diligence is a common practice. We welcome that scrutiny, because we know our products are of the highest quality. Our customer base has expanded exponentially because they see that, too."

The company's flagship POS system consistently leads the way in technological advancement, and their commitment to offering complete and customizable restaurant solutions has truly streamlined the way their customers do business. The December 2011 release of their highly anticipated HungerRush Online Ordering V2.0, designed using the cutting edge platform Microsoft Silverlight, is poised to be Revention's crowning jewel in a year of continual success.

Staying ahead of the pack on issues like PCI compliancy has also contributed to the company's success. "We've made the necessary changes to the program to conform to the new PCI compliancy laws. This has resulted in an increase of new customers who are switching from systems that may not be up to date with the new standards," says Gaudin. The PCI guidelines set forth by the Credit Card Security Council were created to protect sensitive data contained on POS systems. The consequences of a data breach can be severe, and Revention went into action immediately, offering a pre-configured and ready to install PCI Compliance Upgrade Kit to their existing customers. The company also made the needed revisions in their software to ensure that their customers going forward would be PCI compliant.

"Revention has chosen not to participate in the economic downfall and is steadily growing our customer base and our line of products," Gaudin continued. Revention proves that solid products can weather any storm. The company looks forward to another year of growth and possibilities in 2012 as they continue with their unparalleled success in the restaurant management solutions segment.

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