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Quality Free Holiday Music Plus More Free Music Downloads from
Nov 25, 2011 (06:11 PM EST)

DALLAS, Nov. 25, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Announcing has released their Winter/Holiday collection of free music downloads.  The collection includes a variety of dubstep, dubstyle, pop, trance, house, techno, and general electronica. 

Our popular Holiday tracks:
Sugar Plum Dub, Free Dubstep
Flower Waltz Trance, Free Trance
Toy Soldier Dub, Free Dubstep
Russian  Dance Dub, Free Dubstep

Our popular electronica:
Theory Of Motion, Free Trance
Caramel, Free Electronica
Filthy on the Beat, Free Dubstep
Lazer Love Affair, Free House Music
Abstract Eyes, Free Electronica
Subsect, Free Dubstep
Dance Floor Duty, Free Electronica
Wonky Step, Free Dubstep
Dutch Waves, Free House Music
Is Your Mind Muddy, Free Techno

Sponsors looking for Value and Hip-Factor
We're looking for sponsors who understand the unique opportunity offered by the PumpYouUp website. With 100K visitors in our first few weeks, web analytics show performance that Coke, Pepsi, Lexus, Ford, Hyundai (and billions more in corporate power) can not equal: a StumbleUpon score often above 90, 30% like click-through rate, 20% visitor engagement, and a 3 minute average visit duration.  Few corporate websites capture a web audience as effective as  Visitors are mesmerized by what indie/hobby producers can achieve in their living rooms with a simple laptop. Electronic/Indie music is globally liked and the PumpYouUp website is truly a global venue best served for sponsors with global reach.  Sponsorship creates a co-op advertising opportunity with potential CPI at less than a penny while sponsors provide free music; a gift that keeps on giving. If interested in sponsorship please contact us.

We search out the best of indie and hobby producers, contact the artists and arrange for the free music downloads, potentially re-master the tracks to maximize sound quality, and publish on  All tracks are hand picked and often follow a seasonal theme.  The current collection fits a Winter/Holiday theme. The genre is mostly electronica, but metalstep, industrial, or any quality that makes you move, or makes you want to grab your headphones is potential. was founded by Robert Dede, an electrical engineer and founder of Gigasoft, Inc. providing .net charting Microsoft Windows development tools.  Robert has a passion for writing electronica and wanted to promote those who also like to produce as a hobby or as young Skrillex, Deadmau5 prodigies.

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