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Crowd Science Adds Social Media and Brand Targeting to CITRUS™ Platform for Publishers
Nov 16, 2011 (05:11 PM EST)

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 16, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Crowd Science today released "Make it Social" and Brand Target as part of CITRUS – the recently launched first-party measurement, segmentation and targeting platform for online publishers.

The two new features allow publishers to segment their audiences and then target advertising to them in two important new ways – based on social media engagement and brand awareness. Online publishers already using CITRUS include Scripps Networks, the National Hockey League, Federated Media, Investing Channel and Martini Media.

The social media and brand intelligence gathered by CITRUS are derived from the publishers' own first-party data. The technology combines Crowd Science survey methodology with behavioral and contextual data to build its proprietary "pattern engine" that transforms more of a publisher's audience into premium segments that then can be sold for a higher CPM value.

Make It Social allows publishers to segment and target audience based on social media engagement (Influencers, Engagers and Non-users) for popular social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. These new targeting options allow publishers to differentiate their audience and advertisers to better tailor their creative and messaging.  

Brand Target enables publishers to gather detailed audience data about awareness or ownership of specific brands. Publishers can then offer brand advertisers a way to better pinpoint the audience most likely to respond to branded campaigns, or up sell and cross-sell opportunities.

"As our customer base has grown, we have learned that publishers consider social media engagement and brand awareness targeting as essential in helping drive ad sales and differentiate their audience in the market," said Corey Leibow, Crowd Science CEO.  

CITRUS provides audience measurement, segmentation and targeting, plus campaign effectiveness in a single end-to-end solution. The first-party platform enables publishers to develop their own audience insights and build custom advertising segments without reliance on third-party platforms that commoditize their data. Previously unidentifiable, low-value run-of-site ad inventory is transformed into premium publisher-branded segments and improves the transparency and efficacy of a publisher's audience targeting capabilities.

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Crowd Science ( is revolutionizing audience targeting and segmentation by providing innovative solutions and technologies to online publishers. The world's top publishers use Crowd Science and its powerful combination of demographic & psychographic insights, and best-in-class technology to improve display advertising precision and increase revenue.  

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