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ESDNetwork Launches Retail Touch Screen Lead Generating Consumer Prize Sweepstakes
Nov 11, 2011 (02:11 PM EST)

JANESVILLE, Wis., Nov. 11, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- ESDNetwork (Electronic Sales Dealership Network) released its brand new consumer facing national prize sweepstakes featuring touch screen lead generation.

"We help retailers increase their sales and profits by growing one of their most important assets – the email addresses of interested customers who in fact shop or browse in their physical store and online," says ESDNetwork's CEO, Steve Yeko. "Every retailer knows their most qualified customers are those that actually visit their store. ESDNetwork's National Prize Sweepstakes is 100% managed by ESDNetwork, so all a retailer has to do is turn on the touch screen computer monitor and the entire program engages," concludes Yeko.

ESDNetwork's National Prize Sweepstakes invites customers to register using an in store touch screen monitor with the incentive to win a $1,000 monthly prize provided by ESDNetwork. "On the first day of each month a brand new sweepstakes begins, so customers register all the time. The retailer is guaranteed to collect their customers' current email address," sites Brad Bensman, ESDNetwork's Vice President of Marketing.

"It's true," raves a family jewelry store owner in Illinois. "I've tried for two years to ask for customers' email addresses without any results. Now customers are walking up to the touch screen prize kiosk and punching their email address themselves! The very first weekend we added 83 brand new email addresses. Now we can market to more and more qualified potential customers."

"That's the beauty of it all," claims Milanie Cleere, ESDNetwork's Chief Operating Officer, "National Prize Sweepstakes drives traffic in store and online and helps retailers reach their customers with technology relevant to consumers' lifestyles." Consumers can register each month in store, on a retailer's Facebook page, visiting their web site from a smart phone, iPad or computer.

"It's just in time for Christmas traffic," Yeko continues. "What better way to capture more 2011 business and begin 2012 with so many new sales leads?"

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The ESDNetwork platform is a web based collection of tools that empowers manufacturers and retailers to streamline the ecommerce supply chain. ESDNetwork is a privately held company founded in 2009 based in Janesville, Wisconsin.