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WowWe's Pioneering CEO Preaches the Power of Video Email & Conferencing to an International Audience
Oct 28, 2011 (06:10 PM EDT)

THE WOODLANDS, Texas, Oct. 28, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- The CEO of WowWe Inc. has just returned from a European speaking tour, where he underscored the potential of video communications to revolutionize international business.

Speaking in Warsaw, Poland, and Berlin, Germany, Starkey discussed WowWe's rapidly expanding global footprint, including its new, super-secure European datacenter.

"Video communication over the Internet is bringing people and nations closer than ever before," Starkey said. "It drastically cuts the cost of conducting business overseas and at home. It's fueling an unparalleled productivity boom."

The facts back Starkey's assertion. Gartner Research found that video email marketing was 280 percent more effective than direct mail. The Warton Research Institute reported that people were 400 percent more likely to retain information they saw compared to what they hear without video. A Marketing Vox study revealed that more than 60 percent of people who received a vmail watched it to completion, whereas the average person spent only 8 seconds with text-based emails.

"Of course, to take advantage of the power of video email and conferencing in a global context, you need a provider with a global footprint," Starkey said. "You need a platform that's secure, flexible and far reaching. You need your message to hit its target no matter where you send it from, and no matter where you send it to. is that platform."

Whether it's vmail or video conferencing, and whether you are utilizing a laptop, desktop or mobile phone, WowWe has the infrastructure you need to video communicate around the globe.

Starkey, a Texas native, has long been a sought-after speaker, traveling the world to talk on theology, organizational growth, personal development and leadership.  

Starkey has been starting and managing high-growth companies for more than 25 years, founding three other successful businesses. Starkey started WowWe in 2007 with the goal of creating a leading-edge technology company with the power to transform the way consumers, businesses and organizations of all sizes communicate with their families, customers, clients and members.

WowWe now gives its clients the power to send more than 1,000 video emails at once, to host video meetings with 100 participants, to store an unlimited number of contacts, to share files and desktops, and much more.

It all starts at $20 a month. That makes WowWe the clear value leader in video email and video conferencing.

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