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Quadrant 4 Systems Announces a Strategic Advisory Team to Expand IT-in-a-Box Platform
Oct 21, 2011 (07:10 PM EDT)

ROLLING MEADOWS, Ill., Oct. 21, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Quadrant 4 Systems Corporation (Quadrant) (OTCBB: QFOR) is pleased to announce the formation of an advisory team comprised of attorneys and professionals in the legal profession to guide it in the development of a complete IT solution for the legal profession.  This solution will include IT-in-a-box features, secured cloud storage and access for both the attorney and client, secured cloud solutions to aide in the e-discovery process, remote bookkeeping and timekeeping and other services geared toward the small and medium-sized firms.  Quadrant 4 Systems Corporation currently offers many of these solutions for larger companies and has begun development of solutions scaled down to meet the needs of small to medium businesses (SMB's).  The solutions for law firms with 5 to 250 attorneys is the first of what the Company hopes will be specialized solutions for SMB's in specific industries.

"SMB is a very large market segment for Quadrant 4 Systems.   By taking guidance from practitioners in different fields including legal and medical SMB's on their work flow,  Quadrant 4 is looking to accelerate development of its Cloud based IT-in-a-box platform that integrates  unique set of tool sets and technologies customized for  each area of SM," Dhru Desai, Executive Chairman of the Company, stated.  "As the legal profession evolves to adapt technology in the courtroom as well as collaborative drafting of documents, we believe that smaller firms can gain back an advantage that larger firms hold with dedicated IT staffing," he continued.

About Quadrant 4 Systems Corporation

Quadrant 4 Systems Corporation delivers end-to-end information technology solutions to its clients through a unique blend of consulting, software development & maintenance, cloud based products and technology from its global delivery centers. The company currently focuses on Financial Services, Health Care, Retail, Manufacturing and Telecommunication sectors with a broad spectrum of services and technology practices that include ERP, SCM, CRM, e-Commerce, m-Commerce, SFA, Microsoft, Java and Legacy platforms, BI/DW, testing, platform migration, web technologies and others. The company plans to enter the IT enabled and managed services sector and cloud based services through business acquisitions and/or combination opportunities in the near future to further execute its articulated business strategy.

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Dhru Desai

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