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SiSTeR Technologies Opens Their Enhanced Publisher Platform to Dealers and Third Party Service Providers
Oct 04, 2011 (06:10 PM EDT)

The Publisher delivers ROI beyond the dealer's website.

DALLAS, Oct. 4, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- SiSTeR Technologies, a provider of applications and hosted services for the automated creation and management of multimedia marketing, today announced the release of their new application – the Publisher - as part of their 4DF video player that is currently published on over 5,000 auto dealers websites, major third party leads providers, Facebook and direct link from YouTube to the Video Showcase (vSHOC) on the dealer's website.

The Publisher allows auto dealers to add third party provider apps to the top section of the player instantly. When the user clicks on these embedded apps the video pauses and the app launches immediately. Typical uses are lead forms, credit applications, trade-in evaluations, chat based communication platforms etc.

The Publisher is provided free of charge to all auto dealers, partners and application providers of SiSTeR Technologies. Once the dealer selects the vendors' app and provides his dealer ID or dedicated URL for that vendor, the app is published instantly on the authorized sites. Secure access to Publisher is available directly from the 4DF player.

"We already deliver more than 3 million views every month," says Israel Alpert, founder and CEO of SiSTeR Technologies. "Over two thirds of those views are beyond the dealer's website since our 4DF player is integrated into every major lead provider's site, Facebook and directly accessed from YouTube.  Including the 4DF app has the potential of increasing the ROI for the dealers by a factor of 5-8 times - all of that with no additional cost and in just seconds."

The Publisher backend system controls the display of the apps on every unique destination based on the business rules of both the destination site and the app provider. This unique three way  triangulation control provides the foundation for the development of an independent in-video advertisement business, backed by in-depth reporting and performance matrixes that will be released in the near future.

"Just a few years ago we were a tiny company, barely surviving the crash of 2008 and driven by pure desire to innovate, excel and partner.  Those are the same key attributes that enable our dominant position in the marketplace today," says Mr. Alpert. "Innovation is the key to survival of the American dream. Since we know, firsthand, how difficult it is for small companies and startups to obtain initial engagement we decided to open Publisher, free of charge to all. With Publisher, a pilot program can be launched almost instantly, on any targeted site to produce measurable results. Opening our Publisher platform to the public is our way of expressing gratitude for our success and supporting innovation."

Some of the 3rd party apps that are currently available are:

  • Black Book – SiSTeR's 4DF Publisher is compatible with the Black Book Activator Trade in and Credit Estimator lead generating services
  • AutoTrader Trade-in Marketplace (TIM) - Available for subscribing dealers. Contact your ATC rep for details.
  • PureCars – The Value Reports answer the top concerns of used car shoppers. The product can be found on subscribing dealers' websites, in the showroom and now on the 4DF player as well.
  • Active Engage - launches a dealership branded chat window at key marketing opportunities as the customer shops the dealership website looking for a new or pre-owned vehicle

About SiSTeR Technologies:

SiSTeR Technologies, based in Dallas, TX is the premier provider of automated video production, distribution and vSEO for auto retailers, manufacturers, and industry partners.  SiSTeR provides its clients with cutting edge video marketing solutions that integrate easily into existing online and mobile platforms including third party sites, YouTube, Google and Facebook. 

SiSTeR developed the Pic2Vid process that creates video using still images and TrueVoice™ technology several years ago and has been licensing it to many resellers and business partners since 2005.  Recently, SiSTeR was awarded a US patent that covers the automated production of video files from still images, text and pre-recorded audio eliminating the need for laborious manual process. 

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