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Live In-Game Action on All NFL Pre-season Televised Games at
Aug 11, 2011 (06:08 PM EDT)

PANAMA CITY, Panama, August 11, 2011 /PRNewswire/ --

After months of waiting to see if the NFL lockout would end, pre-season is kicking off tonight on ESPN with the San Diego Chargers taking on the Seattle Seahawks. And, of course, thousands of die-hard American sports bettors are laying their dollars down on the Chargers to crush the Seahawks-or vice-versa. But this year there's a big difference for the betting public: where the betting used to end when the game began, now it continues unabated throughout the entire game.

"Live, in-game betting can attract up to ten times the volume over traditional moneyline or spread betting. You're still usually betting on the end result, but the odds change as the ball moves down the field," Dave Mason, sports betting manager explained.  "And BetOnline will be offering live in-game betting throughout the games for all televised pre-season NFL games."

Over the past few months, BetOnline players have enjoyed live betting through Major League Baseball games, major golf tournaments, the big soccer and tennis matches in Europe and even WNBA. "That was a shocker-WNBA!  But it's a fun fast moving sport and the live betting really makes it even more fun," Mason said. "You switch sides, you hedge, you work to guarantee a profit as the odds can swing wildly from side to side depending how the game goes."

BetOnline's live in-game (also called in-running) betting differs from others in several ways: 1) the odds change as the game goes on, not just at stoppages as some places do; 2) they offer many more sports, including NBA, WNBA, Tennis, Golf, NFL, NCAA football and NCAA basketball; and 3) no one offers higher limit-$1000 per bet.  

BetOnline, the fastest growing sportsbook in the US, has been taking care of players for over fourteen years and have an enviable record for paying players. "It's every player's major concern-can I trust them, will they pay when I win? And it's a fair question. Check any forum, ask any player-BetOnline ALWAYS pays it players," Mason said. "It's a serious point of pride with the management team: play at BetOnline, get paid at BetOnline."

While most online sportsbooks give a tiny 10% initial deposit only bonuses, BetOnline is well known for their generous and industry-leading "Lifetime Bonus Guarantee." "Bonuses are important to our players so they are important to us; whether it's freeplays for sports, free chips for the casino or free entry into guaranteed cash poker tournaments, every qualified deposit with BetOnline gets you a bonus, not just your first," Mason explained.

Live betting tonight (and every pre-season night), poker, horse racing (Saratoga in on and it's a cracking season!), blackjack, 3D slots-come join the thousands now winning online at BetOnline. Because you can.


One of the few online sportsbook to be legally licensed and regulated in one of the banking capitals of the world, Panama City, Panama, BetOnline's management have been servicing players from around the world for over fourteen years.

With a reputation for excellent customer service, 100% payment history to players, the industry's best bonuses, a multitude of deposit methods including all popular credit cards, sports lines that appeal around the world (including live betting on English Premiership Football, PGA Championship Golf as well as MLB, NFL and NCAA football), BetOnline is now the fastest growing sportsbook featuring US sports.

In addition to sports betting, BetOnline offers a fantastic full featured online casino with new 3d slots and a new, live Texas Hold'em and Omaha Poker room. BetOnline: because you can.

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